Canaleontica is coming: three days of culture, music, art and the desire to grow together –

The perspective is interesting, as well as deeply innovative: for an event that gives the idea of ​​starting fast “from the base,” as they say. Or rather, from the people: those who live there in the Canale (and in Roero) and want stimuli, as well as opportunities to express themselves, to get involved, to bend in the first person the verb “to do”, which was something missing in a nearly two-year acute emergency.

It is a world in change, and the capital of the peach tree with it: as a proverbial animal that by choice and a game of words gives its name to these “three days” with music, art and culture in three different places, in the same city.
In fact, it’s called “Canaleontica”: and next weekend it will be proposed as the first edition of an event in the name of variation, inclusion and sharing.

In the control room there is the association “Circolo ‘L Masche” together with Radio Fujot and Collettivo Artisti per Caso, who have been working in synergy for months on the realization. And now their spokespersons explain: “Canaleontica expresses its essence with its name: the importance of knowing how to adapt to change and belong to a community, an incentive to invest energy and resources in a common project, an engine produces beauty for himself and for others “.

Strong intentions, as well as good: as well as the tasty suggestion: and it’s not just a matter of taste as much as of senses: “Street food, concerts, DJ sets, art, culture, stalls and caring for the environment are the ingredients in an event born to the territory, with a proposal that wants to embrace the widest possible audience united by curiosity, the desire to discover, to become passionate, to participate, to have fun and to have fun together “.
Partner for the event will be De Lab Fermentazioni, which will be present with its own craft beers.

It starts on Friday 15 July in the Arena and the immediate surroundings at via Olivero, at the foot of Malabaila Castle, starting at 15:00: When it will be possible to participate in the philosophy workshop led by Filonauti and participate in the book exchange organized by Canale live & Civic Library. From that hour until the evening, local singer-songwriter Diaodipedrè, the internationally acclaimed artist and Guinness World Recordman (it was 2018) Andrea Cerrato will perform with his indispensable show and music narrator Franco Testore. The evening ends with the most explosive DJ set in Roero: Radio Fujot, a true surprise from the last two years.

On Saturday 16 July, the party moves to the sports field: and it will be pure art, with new guests and very welcome returning horses. From early afternoon, artists Berny Z, Mattia Paganucci, Matteo Cancedda & Giacomo Ponchione, Elisabetta Bosco & Giulia Micromega, Ninarò, Fiammetta Chiazza and Fluido can be admired in action.
And the music? There will be, rest assured: with the performance of the fresh Shanti Shepard from Turin, and then move on to the postpunk indie of the Tanz Academy.

Today’s real “gem”: the long-awaited concert of Fuh, a cult band from Canalese that has been active for twenty years now, returning to the stages after a long absence in the Canale, at home, as a symbol of a restart where it will present a new song with someone from the past, from the acclaimed album Dancing Judas from 2010.

On top of everything: the Rhabdomatic Orchestra, exceptional guests from Canaleontica on a journey between cultures, a continuous and overwhelming beat, an ensemble of incredible musicians to accompany the voice and the hypnotic charisma of the South American singer Maria Mallol Moya.
A clarification from the staff: “After the concerts, there will be room in the dance hall until late at night between reggae and its pollution: on the console, Sistasofy and Lee Fry Music”.

The “tail” of the event will have decidedly green tones: Casa Natura, at the gateway to the San Nicolao oasis in Rocche Canalesi, chosen for the festival’s third day on Sunday 17 July. Start the afternoon relaxation and pampering with treatments and massages by Veronica Destefanis, Brigitta Correggia & Silvia Paoletti. Eugenio Fea, will hold an interesting vocal and theater workshop before the highly channeled actor Enrico Gambone’s theater performance. Among today’s highlights, Tweeedo’s live electronic music will not be missing. The association “Rocche ‘N Roll” together with Roberto Cavallo will take care of a moment of discussion and reflection on the issues that revolve around modern ecology.

In short, Canaleontica is a potential advertisement for Canale’s vitality: the hope is that at the end of the three days together we can say that we have taken a long leap forward in terms of territory, people, proposals. For information on participating in workshops and events (the shows will all be free) you can call 334 / 14.83.415, as well as follow Canaleontica and Radio Fujot’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Paolo Destefanis

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