Argentine Tango and Culture Festival, EH! Milano Tango Fest

An immersive four-day journey into Argentine culture between tango hugs, shows, literature, photography and food and wine, to discover a geographically distant land but connected to Italy with roots and deep pollution: Argentina.

Second edition of “EH! Milano Tango Fest” scheduled at MIL place in Sesto San Giovanni from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th Julywants to be a party open not only to fans of the most sensual dance in the world, but also to all those who want to approach the suggestive and exciting world of Argentine tango for the first time.

2022 edition of “EH! Milano Tango Fest” therefore provides a program full of initiatives and organized in collaboration with Byen Sesto San Giovanniwith protection ofEmbassy of the Argentine Republic in Italy e Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Milanthe design and organization are of the associations La Cueva No art gallery of Milan (Alevtina Silaeva and Jorge Vacca) e Orangutan by Rome (Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez) and also supported by Aslan, by the cultural magazine Metafierro and SUR Almacen Argentino.

We are happy to be among the best events of the Milanese summer, for this we thank all the institutions that support this second edition of EH! Milano Tango Fest. – the organizers emphasize – This year we managed to bring even six pairs of artists, practically double last year, dancers and teachers among the most valued in the world, who come not only from Italy but from various European countries, as well as from Argentina of course, as f. ex. Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, returning to Milan after 20 years. The same reservations from festival participants come from all over Europe !. For the second edition, we wanted to open up the community by also offering a range of activities that we are sure will also interest those who do not dance, but who are curious and would like to get to know the Argentine culture better as well as tango culture.



Every day the festival offers the opportunity to participate free guided practice with the invited masters (19.30-20.30) where it is also possible to learn the first steps for those who have never attended a tango lesson but would like to try to get closer to it.

Weekday from Friday to Sunday there will be masterclasses and lessons with the three “special guest” pairs of internationally acclaimed Argentine artists and dancers, increasingly appreciated by the public and usually on tour around the world 365 days a year for exhibitions and stages.


The six pairs of invited artists will be the main characters on stage each night with their unpublished shows.

Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda: together for fourteen years, unique in improvisation and musicality. Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli is an icon of Argentine tango and thanks Uh! Milano Tang Fest after twenty years he returns to Milan.

Hans is an interesting story, from hockey player to musician and then tango dancer, but above all a multidisciplinary artist and great revolutionary of tango for his improvisations about music. “Chicho Frumboli dominates the music, with the full awareness of being able to play around it, deconstructing the rhythm to understand the plus in the nuance of the beat to insert a dynamic.“[cit]. He is considered a referent by tango nuevo, but as he himself likes to say: “I have been dancing for a long time and every time I go to dance I think I dance tango, new or old, for me there is no difference, tango is always new and will always be, for every other year, every third year, every fifth, tango changes and evolves and will always be new, and I sincerely hope that it continues to be new, the next generation will present even stranger and freer things, and that is exactly the way to go follow, the path of freedom of this dance without losing its essence! “

Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez: one of the most successful couples on the tango firmament with a soft and exciting style.

Octavio Fernandez and Corina Herrera: young couple with a unique style for a harmonious, intimate, happy and intense dance.


Thursday, July 14: on the stage Marco Palladino and Lara Carminatitwo of the most popular teachers and professional dancers in Italy and abroad; Friday, July 15th: on the stage Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez together with the Turkish couple Utku Küley and Iris Küley, he teaches, musician and organizer of the Istanbul Tango Festival, she danced with great stage presence and engaging and extremely passionate tango; Saturday, July 16th: it’s the turn of the very young Octavio Fernandez and Corina Herrera and to follow the long-awaited show of Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, the spearhead of the festival.

Sunday, July 17th grand finale med Marcelo Ramer and Selva Mastrotidancers with great bodily excitement and sensitivity, who will dance accompanied by live music from Cuarteto Pichuco – as a tribute to the representative instrument of Argentine tango, the bandoneon, and to one of its greatest artists, Anibal Troilo known as “Pichuco” – characterized by the twenty years of experience of four Italian musicians who have made tango their passion and profession and is exhibited all over the world: Gino Zambelli to the bandoneon, Vincenzo Albini to the violin, Luca Rossetti on the piano e Virgilio Monti on the double bass.


The entertainment evenings start from kl. 21.30, where Spazio Mil is created milonga where it is possible for tango fans and relatives to dance on the dance floor with the musical direction of fire musicalizer (dj) among the most in demand: Octavio Fernandez (PARIS), Punto y Branca (ARGENTINA), The pastor’s luck NAPLES) and Makiko Mori (JAPAN).


The second edition of “EH! Milano Tango Fest” is also an opportunity for those unfamiliar with the world of tango and Argentine culture to get closer and discover it more closely, even without having to go on the track, thanks to a Photo exhibitionby presentation of a bookby literary condition and at food and wine stand.

From Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th July

Photo exhibition

“NO NOS VEREMOS NUNCA” is the title of the Argentine photographer’s photo exhibition Marcelo Di Rienzo and gifts 30 color and black and white photographs of artistic portraits of tango dancers with an elegant, human, emotional and poetic look, made in different countries like Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Austria.

Marcelo Di Rienzo’s photographs convey elegance, balance, life, truth, capture the unpredictable gesture and transform it into something significant.

Of a cinematic nature, his recordings are reminiscent of Italian neorealism. Di Rienzo’s gaze is a captivating and at times dreamlike gaze, in which poetry composed through the play of light, shadows and textures is combined in an invitation to the viewer to embark on a journey – emotionally charged and introverted – in places where it is not strange. Find, as a final destination, unanswered questions or even better questions that provide access to an infinite number of answers.

The exhibition with free admission is on display in the foyer of Spazio Mil and will be open every day during the festival from 19.00 to 23.00.

Saturday, July 16 – 7.30pm

TANGO, SONG ABOUT A LIFE, SONG ABOUT MANY LIVES (2021, Marco Serra Tarantola Publisher)

Presentation of the first book by the Argentine author Pablo Helmanborn in 1957, arrived in Italy in the 1980s, on the run from the military dictatorship

Barbara Savonuzzi moderates the meeting

In this long essay, a tribute to tango and its maximum expression, we read the heart of a man who loves. A man who loves life, history, origin, roots, earth. Helman chooses to get carried away. It does not matter if it is music or memories, for him all this life, expression, is essence. He starts from his youth and tells – always with a poetic vein – the years of terror in Buenos Aires (his beloved city, happy and lively), about the missing and about his flight to Italy. And Helman’s strength is precisely to sow beauty, even where there is horror, to see rhythm and music, even where fate seems to row against. In this excerpt of life so full, there is also a more didactic part: the story of a genre that is culture and a people’s rooted being.

For book lovers, Brescia publishing house Serra Tarantola will set up one during the four days of the festival literary condition where you will find the latest editorial news Tarantula greenhouse And Tarantula Publishing.

Finally, for those who want to discover the secrets of Argentine cuisine, thanks to the restaurant ANGRY Almacen Argentino of Monza will be created one food and wine stand which will offer bar and restaurant service to all those who want to taste the main courses of the Argentine tradition, starting from the incomparable empanadas up to grilled meat served with the typical chimichurri sauce, as well as being able to buy typical products that come directly from Argentina and Buenos Aires, including wines.

MIL space, Via Granelli 1 – Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Infoline from 14.00 to 22.00 from Monday to Sunday
Mail and tel: 347 3760547 |

Thursday 14.06 = 15 €
Friday 15.06 = 20 €
Saturday 16.06 = 25 €
Sunday 17.06 = 10 €
Guided training at 19.30 every day: FREE ENTRY
Photo exhibition, every day: free admission
Book presentation, Saturday 16.06 at 19.30: free admission

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