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CARPI – Touch the commitment of those who fight every day to set an example of justice and an alternative to a credible society in territories where mafias were born and thrived, make their contribution and get in touch with people and realities that they demonstrate how the culture of lawlessness can be defeated: this is the purpose of volunteer camp E. Stay free!which this year takes place in Teanoin Campania, from 22 to 27 August.

Promoted by Free Presidium ‘Peppe Tizian’ di Carpi with protection and support from Carpi municipality and of House of the Volunteer Foundation (social organization of CR Carpi Foundation), E! State Liberi! – now in its 9th edition – is primarily aimed at the younger generations, to stimulate them to know and spread a culture based on social justice, to counteract the ignorance of violence, privileges and extortion, which underlines the widespread desire for to be the protagonists and translate this commitment into a concrete act of solidarity, responsibility and sharing.

Aims for 10 people bosat i Carpi and in the immediate areas, with special attention to the youth offer between 18 and 35 yearsthe field returns after the experience in Limbadi, Calabria, last year.

Participation, supported by the sponsoring bodies, includes insurance coverage, diet and board. Travel expenses and other expenses that are not included are borne by the participants.

The application to participate in E! Stay Free! must be sent no later than Sunday 31 July on the address

The field experience will be characterized by the participant’s immersion in social recycling of the confiscated property ‘Antonio Landieri’, awarded to La Strada Social Cooperative. The campers will participate directly in the activities, they will experience the beauty of relationships, the difficulties of leadership and the importance of the social recycling of the asset. The activities will be continuously linked to afternoon training sessions and excursions in the area to give meaning and significance to the social recycling actions and to the experience of campista.

After the experiences that have led groups in San Cipriano d’Aversa, Fossato Ionico, Scampia, Cerignola, Crotone, Afragola, Maiano di Sessa Aurunca and Limbadi since 2013, the participants this year will therefore be able to get in touch with the experiences from legality in a country that has become notorious for Camorra’s activities.

This sums up the spirit of E! State Liberi! Initiative. Benedetta Tamellispokesman for the Carpi Free Bureau: “Continuing to propose the training experience of the summer camp for volunteers is really important, even more so this year, when emergencies of all kinds, first and foremost the pandemic, have risked overshadowing public opinion, the awareness of the danger that the mafia’s presence represents.that are deadly, even when they do not fire: fatal to the healthy economy, to companies that respect the rules, to the rights of the workers.In general, they are detrimental to the development and securing of a fairer and fairer The contrast to the mafia, as well as to the oppressive reaction, takes place through the suggestion and realization of a different culture, of a different idea of ​​being in the world, that the young people of the area can experience the examples of ‘social anti-mafia’ in those areas , where it’s harder to do, represents one of the best ways to develop the famous antibodies, which in many, far too many cases have failed. in the civil Emilia-Romagna “.

For more information, see the Casa del Volontariato Foundation website.


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