We’re talking about the environment at the Alassio Culture Festival

We’re talking about the environment at the Alassio Culture Festival

We talk about the environment at the Culture Festival in Alassio, Saturday 9 July at 21.00 showing of MONTERS & CO

Luca Ponzi opens the evening with Mayor Marco Melgrati and the representatives of the CINEMABIENT FESTIVAL, MARINA DI ALASSIO AND GE.SCO: Alassio works for the environment.

On stage in Piazza Partigiani, Saturday, July 9, at 21, green evening with CINEMAMBIENT. Luca Ponzi from Rai Liguria presents the green themes, the common thread in the cartoon “Monsters & Co”, together with Marco Melgrati, the city mayor, Enzo Ghigo, president of the National Cinema Museum of Turin, representing the festival dedicated to the environment, directed by Gaetano Capizzi; Rinaldo Agostini, President of Marina di Alassio and Igor Colombi, President of Ge.Sco Srl.

Not only culture in Alassio this summer 2022, but also lots of green information.

“Cinematography has always been a reference for fashion and trends – explains Marco Melgrati, Mayor of Alassio – hence the idea of ​​identifying a film that could bring up and promote an environmental sensitivity that our society absolutely needs.

It is an animated film, which therefore also has the ability to reach a younger audience, even though the message it contains is such that it can not leave adults indifferent. The debate that will follow, which I would like to take part in, will continue on the issues of sustainability and a possible environmental revolution. “

“For about three years, Alassio Municipality has decided to focus on ecology and the restoration of its rich network of trails. This route has evolved day by day from the reopening of old routes to the opening of new routes in nature, and will continue with the complete mapping of the network. We started from a network of about 30 km, and today between the recycled and the new tracks we have reached about 55 km.

This philosophy of environmental maintenance and prevention is made with respect for current and future generations so that they can enjoy the beautiful landscape that Alassio possesses. I am grateful to the municipality for entrusting such an important challenge to Gesco and to all citizens who daily express their appreciation and give us useful advice to improve and enrich our project. “Igor Colombi, President of GE.SCO Srl.

To understand what is being done for future generations in environmental issues, but above all to involve the little ones in a sustainable education system that is aware of what will become a heavy environmental heritage, Alassio has put his voice out of his sea, now Blue Flag for over 15 years.

“I am particularly pleased that, finally, in Italy, too, there is an ever-growing movement in favor of ecology and ‘green’ culture.

Marina di Alassio, who manages Porto Luca Ferrari, has been awarded the Blue Flag of Tourist Landing since 2006, so for 17 years we have been rewarded with this banner, which testifies to our respect for nature, ecology and the organization of the port. services, aware of the importance of the sea for everyone’s lives.

It is right to make our young people understand that the protection of the sea and nature in general stems from our behavior and that they will be the main interpreters of the protection of our environment for a better future. “Rinaldo Agostini, President for Marina di Alassio.

The president of the National Cinema Museum Enzo Ghigo, representing the Torino CinemAmbiente Festival, speaks on stage for a fun and cheerful evening dedicated exclusively to children, but in the name of environmental sustainability.

A reflection with the public on environmental, social and generational issues. The cinema will be a catalyst tool to transfer the beauty of the Earth, the responsibility for its care and protection to the new generations.

“The choice of Monsters & Co. is emblematic: using animation to speak to young and old, with the universal language that only cinema can provide – emphasizes Enzo Ghigo, president of the National Cinema Museum and Gaetano Capizzi, artistic director of the Environmental Film Festival .

The theme of the environment and its sustainability is treated here in a pleasant and playful way with the aim of training the new generations, sensitizing them to a conscious and constructive future and giving them the tools to steer and manage change. Enzo Ghigo, President of the National Cinema Museum.

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