Victory of Terralba’s parents: from 20 September, children will have full – time school in the first year


Work in progress in the block via Roma for the construction of a school canteen

After 20 years of inquiries that never went through for a number of reasons, first and foremost the lack of space and staff, there will finally be at the primary school in via Roma in Terralba a class dedicated to full time from the next school year 2022/2023. It will be 1. B, which from September Monday to Friday will be involved in 40 hours of lessons per week including canteen service, with entrance 8:30 and exit 16. There will be a maximum of 20 children involved. , among those who requested it in January, starting registration.

“Work is already underway on the building via Roma to adapt the space, which will then be dedicated to the canteen,” confirms Terralba Mayor Sandro Pili. “.

At the end of the summer, the didactic plan and the education plan will be completed, prepared with the school council and with the teachers arriving in Terralba full time, which will be identified between the end of August and the beginning of September based on the availability of staff provided by the regional school office.

Full-time comes after a lengthy campaign conducted by a group of parents from the two primary schools in Terralba, the one via Roma, where the full-time project will be introduced, and the one via Eleonora d’Arborea, where the training plan remains unchanged for each student. Immediately and to avoid a stalemate, the families wanted to act on several fronts, including the digital, and try to involve the entire population as much as possible, including those who do not have children in school.

Nicola Aramu and Patrizia Arminante led full-time foster parents, about 65 families with children enrolled in kindergartens and elementary schools, promoted the project on social networks and launched a collection of signatures on the online platform.

Aramu, who has a son going to first grade next year, explains the processes that led to the introduction of the innovative project in Terralba. “We said to ourselves, ‘If we continue in the same way as our parents in recent years, we will end up in the same bad end. So we continued to collect signatures. We delivered it by hand to about 15 companies in Terralba. , while it was possible to also implement it online at Change.The response exceeded our expectations, we collected about 900 signatures in just over two months ».

The collection of signatures was addressed to the school and the municipal authorities, to the school director of the inclusive Institute of Terralba, Francesco Corona, to the school council, to the provincial and regional school offices to the Ministry of Education, finally to the mayor Sandro Pili, to the council and to the councilors in the Municipality. Even from these, the parents have received excellent feedback.

Aramu recounts: “We had our first conversation with the head of the Corona school in December. He immediately proved to be cooperating in tackling the various difficulties that would have arisen, such as the lack of teachers ».

“In March,” Aramu continues, “the headmaster sent a request for staff for the following year to the regional school office, asking for the full-time introduction of a department. In June, the regional school office gave the green light.”

“After an inspection,” adds Aramu, “the municipal administration has identified a room in the building via Roma for the construction of the canteen. Without a space for the canteen, we could not see that the full-time work became a reality,” Aramu explains.

The reason for the success is due to the benefits of full-time, as Aramu says. “We have taken advantage of the last years of the pandemic, taking as an example the fact that children need space for socializing in order to combat the moments of isolation they have experienced.”

“Full-time will also be a source of attraction, just think how many working parents who cannot trust relatives to care for their children will be able to apply for it, families who will then be encouraged to bo and Terralba. Another positive point that can be assumed to be is the possibility of new hires thanks to the canteen service, Nicola Aramu concludes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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