Via Borgo Aretino in suffering, was a place of culture and commerce

Via Borgo Aretino in suffering, was a place of culture and commerce

Via Borgo Aretino in distress: commencement of work during the period of maximum tourist participation, commercial activities closing, unbalanced parking system, no relaunch project. To report the inconvenience on one of the most beautiful streets in the city, the councilors of the League are Francesco Mignani and Jacopo Pastorelli.

“There are over ten companies closed in Borgo Aretino – explain the councilors – Some of these are for sale, others would like to rent if only they were asked. Construction sites have been laid out along the road to indicate the beginning of the reconstruction of the sidewalk and subsequently of the hydraulic pipes and the sewer network.It seems to us unusual to carry out the work in one period of large tourist participation, especially in this area, where the few open commercial establishments suffer due to the exclusion from the large tour of the tourist flow determined by the extension of the closure of the escalator. But the road also suffers due to a ruthless car parking system, so much so that the road is half busy on the left side and half on the right side. In relation to this provision, about 150 residents collected signatures to protest the provision. Exposed that after a year and a half still waiting for a response from the municipal council.

Was it not the administration of the dialogue with the citizens? – ask the councilors – In addition to the dubious choices about the opening of construction sites, which could start in November, what we dispute is the fact that we insist on talking about this street as one of the most magnificent in the city , and we’re talking about retraining of the same, only in structural terms, but not in relation to the economic, commercial and social revitalization of the street itself. Borgo Aretino, like the other streets mentioned, actually lacks a more elementary form of idea of ​​restarting from the municipal administration, to finally make it, in fact and not just in words, one of the most elegant streets in the city.

The escalator was reopened with serious delay, but during the election campaign we were promised up and down, elevator and renovated bathrooms. We expected the restoration of the info point in Porta Nuova with its layout, as we are at a strategic point for tourists to get into the city. We do not see financial interventions aimed at lowering the expensive rents to kickstart the support of those who intend to open a business. We strongly support the restoration of the car parks at the time requested by the citizens, instead of carrying out this gym, which deprives it of the depth perspective and which constitutes its real characteristics.

The old ways of arranging cars would, among other things, provide a greater and safer ease of loading and unloading goods. Residents also complain about the absence of rubbish bins for storing rubbish and for those reserved for pets, and that the cleaning service is often lacking. Another important intervention is the securing, perhaps with an elegant wrought iron railing, of the wall where you normally sit. Gone are the days when the residents, behind some enthusiasts, supported by the former administrationswere they able to to organise one of the most beautiful summer events in the city: “Caravanserai”. Full of interesting proposals such as concerts, impromptu painting, fashion shows, popular plays, theatrical and artistic representations, this event can still today form a starting point, a reference for a real rebuilding of this artery. Otherwise, without the appropriate interventions, Borgo Aretino will be a way destined to have a beautiful paving of stones, but it will continue to survive without ideas and without that soul is the social, commercial and cultural vitality of the past that only them who lives there and who he works there could give them back “.

The Lega councilors also point to other streets in the city in trouble: go Fontebellavia Roma and via San Paolo, where there are many shutters lowered and closed shop windows. “Paradoxically – they explain – the streets that have no appeal are the most scenic and atmospheric of Assisi. Those that would represent the good living room for visitors, where the panoramic views they discover give a different breath to the city itself “.

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