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Luco dei Marsi. Fantastic music, theater, literary spaces, sports, special initiatives, itineraries in taste: everything is ready in Luco dei Marsi for the new deal with “Luchesi Holidays”, the long-awaited program of summer events, which has reached its fifth edition this year.

In the program, devised in synergy with the local associations, proposals designed to meet the tastes of all age groups and sensitivities, and a special theme review: “Voices and places. Art, culture and peace notes on the paths of Angizia”, ​​which will focus on the theme peace fell in the universal languages ​​of music and art, through initiatives that will host the emblematic sites of the city’s history and Marsa civilization, in the Lucus Angitiae Park, which from the archaeological site of Anxa reaches the park of San Leonardo and Selva dei Frati, where the old Capuchin monastery stands, rebuilt and turned into a socio-cultural service center by the municipal administration, now also home to a library in constant growth. The main road to take the breathtaking journey into the lush and enchanting nature that surrounds Luco dei Marsi is the “Sentiero di Angizia”, ​​which was tracked and mapped last year thanks to the tenacious and very active Cai Vallelonga-Coppo dell ‘ Orso section, which this year will offer, in addition to special activities at night, a number of activities that are open to all.

Theater for the planned events will be all areas of the city: from the historic village to the archeological site, from the sports field to the village of Petogna, as well as of course Piazza Umberto I, the heart of the city, the vial Duca degli Abruzzi and piazza Alfidi, which will host an extraordinary literary garden, where works of great importance will be presented with the popular reading formula combined with music. “We were able in a very short time to design a summer program filled with suggestions for all tastes, which as always includes many luchese artists, much-loved, cultural and artistic spaces of great caliber and special initiatives,” explains the mayor. Marivera De Rosa“They will all be opportunities to come together, share and experience our country even more in the name of beauty, art, culture and participation.”

Among the special initiatives, with the long-awaited return of “Adventure Night”, dedicated to all children, the new editions of the historical and beloved “Luco in Fiore”, “The Gnocchi Festival”, the second sparkling edition of “E… Stay masked! ”, Edited by Arci, Proloco and Animaluco, in addition to the most overwhelming and colorful events ever, from“ The Foam Party ”to“ Color Fun Fest ”, organized by the sports association“ Angizia Color Fun. ”During the Luchesi Holiday In 2022, special space will be given for theater, with the travel show from the Lanciavicchio Theater Cooperative, and for fantastic music, interpreted by renowned artists, from kl. Bianca D’Amore, highly acclaimed interpreter, who will be the protagonist of the Gran Gala della Musica and the evening event on “Day of Forgiveness”, with two distinct extraordinary ensembles, to the excellent M ° Francesco Fina, with the Abruzzese Musical Institution, and Fabio Capriotti, teacher and pianist who goes from the Venanzio Venditti quartet’s great outdoor jazz, a veteran of the successes beyond the Alps, and the increasingly valued and followed luchese artistsm inclusive Solaris, called to inaugurate season of events, tonight, at. 21.00, at Borghetto, in the city’s charming historic center. Among the cultural initiatives also the new calendar with guided visits to the archeological site starting from mid-July and special archeological workshops for the little ones.

The local government invites everyone to participate. All details about the planned events will be available on the page at the link: and on the facebook / instagram pages Luco Comune Social.

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