Thursday the first children’s show

There are those who claim that if we could see the world through the eyes of children, we would see magic everywhere. “Telling under the stars” has for years given the little ones back the magic they need and makes them daydream. The 15th edition of the Theater Revue for Children and Families “Tale Under the Stars 2022, organized by Marluna Teatro and Libreria Miranfù, with the artistic direction of Maria Elena Germinario and Vincenzo Covelli, and co-financed
of the Ministry of Culture in the city of Trani as part of the three-year plan for cultural activities.

Until 28 July, the Boschetto Amphitheater in Villa Comunale di Trani (BT) will be animated by six appointments, four shows and two special events, all with admission at 20.30 and starts at 21.00.

The review, the first and still unique in the BAT province, is an important event that for fifteen years has raised the little ones to enjoy the theater, but which also represents a valuable point of reference from a social point of view because it offers an opportunity to share between adults and children, based on an artistic and cultural project of excellent quality. The function
main feature that characterizes “Telling under the stars” lies in a rich program, where both actor theater and puppet theater alternate in a balanced way (puppets, shadow theater, paper theater and theater objects), offering several narrative and visual stimuli that can satisfy different goals and tastes and to fulfill an irreplaceable task in the training of prepared, conscious spectators who will make up tomorrow’s adult audience.

“The long-running and successful project – emphasize the artistic leaders – aims to bring together the best proposals from national companies with key guests in the same program. Two special events also enrich the program, curated by Marluna Teatro and Libreria Miranfù in collaboration with Artebambini ».

The rich billboard is already starting Thursday, July 7th and unfolds until July 28 with the 4 main shows: from Calabria “The Adventures of Brush” by Angelo Aiello (Thursday, July 7); the great classic “The Cat in Boots” seen through the eyes of Paolo Comentales from the Granteatrino Casa di Pulcinella di Bari (Thursday 14 July); the adventures of the little girl “Vassilisa and the Babaracca” by Kuziba Teatro (Friday 22 July at Parco Santa Geffa in Trani) and the show with ‘comic juggling’ between clowning, irony and circus art by Mr. Big Circus Cabaret, played by Mr. Christian Lisco (Thursday, July 28).

Among the special events, however, will be Monday, July 11, “The Journey Between Enchanted Cities” by Marluna Teatro, a work of shadow theater inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel ‘The Invisible Cities’, and Monday, July 18, “Fireflies and Dust of stars “, an animated reading with Kamishibai (Japanese paper theater), dedicated to children aged 5 and up, by Miranfù. Both events are in collaboration with the Artebambini-Puglia section. the stage on Thursday 7 July in an exciting and overwhelming way with The Adventures of Toothbrush, a character born of Angelo Aiello’s heartfelt imagination.Silano before Calabria, with the South tattooed on him but a world citizen, stubborn and extraordinary artist, Aiello will stage his creation in Trani, the result of a very interesting cultural operation: to compile something new that draws from the repertoire of traditional theatrical puppets (Fagiolino, Pulcinella, Punch, Laszlo) and from manuscripts pterne to the puppet master’s comedy, by using the language of historical canvases, the rhythm of the movements and the main characters, to develop a whole new and original character.

Convincing and crackling farces, jokes, crazy plays, taken from the Puppet Theater, starring Toothbrush, a folk hero with a wooden head, born in the Calabrian suburbs. Embodies the joy of life and the most genuine mischief in this doll that Marvel superheroes put in their pockets! The poor and penniless Toothbrush knows of hunger and misery, but with a generous and combative character, he experiences daily being abused, to expose cheating and beat the looters on guard. A good soul with a hard head, he is also a good fork, lively and rogue, he comes out of (almost) any situation. A show that boasts live music by cellist Rachel Icenogle.

“For 15 years – emphasizes Enzo Covelli and Maria Elena Germinario – we have daydreamed under the stars with adults and children with the theater and puppetry in our family review. We hope it is a promising edition and that we can all borrow from the little ones their ability to fill the gaps in their surroundings with
imagination, as in their ability to wonder there is always a great renewing force ‘.

6-time ticket 25 euros, single ticket 5 euros. Reservations required: cell .: +39 3473474958 || 3402326032

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