The unboxing phenomenon and the importance of packaging

Laksamy FaymanyVista Country Manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal, explains how small businesses can develop a strong brand and build a sense of connection through strategic packaging and the strength of social media.

In the digital age, you no longer have to wait for birthdays and special occasions to feel the fear of unpacking a gift. Thanks to the staggering rise in online orders, the thrill of opening a package is now just a click away at any time of the year.

It’s the phenomenon of unboxing, built on the pure feeling we all feel when we open a package (surprise or not) and the widespread need to share our experiences, especially on social media and – most – among the age groups. specifically, Millennials.

According to a study conducted by Vista, actually about 47% of millennials states that they place great emphasis on packaging and personalization of the packaging in which they receive the purchased products: they consider it a fundamental part of the shopping experience.

Moreover 67.80% he says he often makes unboxing videos to show on social channels, especially when the packaging and label are taken care of.

Unboxing has created a huge opportunity for small businesses. Just knowing how to impress with packaging to achieve a ripple effect that increases loyalty and support from satisfied customers and strengthens brand awareness thanks to unboxing videos shared on social media. And not only that: new followers and potential buyers are more than sure.

The 4 tips for SMEs who want to emerge in a constantly growing market

1. To create the experience

To create brand awareness through unboxing, you start with packaging. It’s not about delivering a box, but about offering a real experience. The ultimate goal is to create a moment of connection and joy: If the customer appreciates a particular experience, they will also appreciate the company that has made it possible. Furthermore, everything becomes more personal and memorable with a few small tricks, for example by adding gifts with the brand inside and outside the package.

2. The branding of the experience

The branding strategy can vary over time, depending on the aesthetics and the available budget. To display a logo in a simple and effective way so that the packages are recognized immediately and the brand is associated with a positive experience, you can use personalized stickers. Or to create anxiety, even before you open the package, there are custom shipping boxes.

Today’s savvy companies displaying their branding on the packaging incorporate illustrations, eye-catching fonts and quotes that reflect the brand’s voice beyond their logos to create depth and interest.

Including custom stickers in a package is also an easy way to increase brand exposure, which will be noticed no matter where customers stick them; In addition, traditional marketing products added to orders, such as business cards and postcards, are a cost-effective and versatile solution to thank customers for their purchases or to encourage them to share their experience on social media.

This is where social psychology’s “principle of reciprocity” comes into play. When you receive a nice gesture from someone, you tend to want to reciprocate. If a customer receives a thank you note in their order, they will feel valued and will spontaneously share their positive experience.

To entice customers to share, tag and publish content related to a company or its products on social networks, you can add an incentive to the ticket (for example, a discount on the next order or free shipping). Of course, by including links to social media pages, people will be able to tag the business more easily.

3: Exchange of experiences

You do not necessarily have to rely on customers’ social networks; you can also take advantage of the unboxing phenomenon directly on your social pages.

For example, it shows the public that the company is interested in the products it sells by showing customers a behind-the-scenes look at order preparation and broadcasting unboxing videos with suppliers.

When a customer tags a brand, it is important to share that content on the company’s social pages. To entice others to do the same, you can create a story or recurring post that focuses on customers: for example, thanking and interacting with followers every Friday to strengthen the bond you have with them.

4: Building a coherent experience

The unboxing trend is within the reach of small businesses, which have the opportunity to make their brand known with integrated packaging solutions to suit all budgets.

Vista, as a design and branding partner for SMEs, is witnessing a growing number of small businesses deciding to adopt an integrated marketing strategy, from the creation of original and comfortable packaging with VistaPrint to the easy creation of social content with animations and models with VistaCreate.

Whichever approach is chosen, consistency is essential: The corporate image created must follow the same line on all elements of the brand. However, it is not necessary to have a team of designers to do this. The cheap design templates and graphic design services offered by Vistas 99designs ensure e.g. flawless unboxing.

In the unboxing era, packaging and social media are an extraordinary combination to give your brand visibility: If you have a business, connect the two and turn customers into your biggest brand ambassadors.

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