The Foundation in Sardinia, dg Mannoni: “With the school’s announcement, we are investing for the future”

Folkeskole, Mellem- og Højskole. From 2017 through School announcementsee also F therewave of Sardinia because “technology is no longer a plus, but the indispensable tool to enable even the very young to exercise digital citizenship, to be converted over time into a key to access to the world of work”. Speaking is the daily leader Carlo Mannoni, called to take stock of the six springs of contributions. This is what the DG is doing at the same time as opening applications for the school year 2022/2023 with an additional two million euros set aside.

Until 2017, education in the first and second degree was not the privileged ground of the Sardinia Foundation, which traditionally supported the university and research with greater commitment, as well as the world of culture and volunteering, even if they are not, there is never a shortage of resources for individual institutes. Then the decision was dI focus on knowledge based on the foundation of the schoolespecially in a region like Sardinia, where abandonment and renunciation of studies has a sad national record.

In the last year, the “Sardinian Foundation has allowed one 280 institutes to invest in technology, innovation and education for a total eight million euros paid from 2017 to today ”, explains the daily manager. A constant progression that not even Covid has stopped. “At the first call, there were two hundred receiving schools – Mannoni emphasizes. of the Fund for Sardinia.

That success of the initiativeto put progression under the lens, rests on the fund’s ability to modulate access to finance through a formula that, on the one hand, pushes schools to program and on the other hand, it leads them to experience synergies based on the right to education and its strengthening. “In the early years,” says DG, “institutes tended to participate alone. Today, compared to the 280 schools that have asked for and received our support, it is 30 percent shows up with collective projectsalso in cooperation with local and third sector units “.

Director Carlo Mannoni

That the minimum value of each initiative shall now in 5 thousand euros. “The Sardinian Fund – specifies Mannoni – pays out up to a maximum of 20 thousand euros. The total forms of participation certainly make it possible to reduce the fixed administrative costs”. Which means greater availability of resources for new initiatives. Even though no one has ever been left behind in these six years. On the contrary. “We started in 2017 with a grant of just under one million and three hundred thousand euros, and we reached, in 2021-2022, the first two million euros, and then increased to two and a half. An effort that we are willing to provide again this year ’.

Behind the communication is a control room which the Fondazione di Sardegna has shaped by also exploiting “a positive dialogue with Regional school managementSo much so that today is the deadline for submission of applications “Is set at October 31stto ensure the institutes time to coordinate and thus create synergies ”.

Again, in order to maximize the impact of financial support, the issue of access to grants is “free,” Mannoni stressed. experiment.There freedom of speech it is a piece of mosaic “.

Not surprisingly, in 2021-2022 FabLabthat is, small digital production workshops, are meant to create them first cognitive and then practical connections which dating and coding is based on, skills that we need to focus on both today and in the future according to the Dg of the Foundation of Sardinia. “We are moving forward with determination becauseenthusiasm So far demonstrated by schools is the first resource to be protected and preserved on this path with knowledge, growth and development of digital creativity “.

Thanks to the Foundation for Sardinia, also inthe blackest year of the pandemicthat 2020with distance learning from March to June, “schools have been able to invest in equipment, from tablets to PCsguarantees father to students at all levels ”, Mannoni continues.

Another theme that Sardinian teaching has been closely linked to was “entrepreneurship, also understood as managerial skills – Mannoni specifies – no less important are the projects on environmental sustainabilitya site where the younger generations have an innate sensitivity, which through Bando Scuola’s projects is transformed into real knowledge. “There is no lack of commitment to technical-scientific issues, always with innovation acting as an interpretive key.

From 2017 to today, it is the most tangible sign from a sociological point of view the birth of a student community which is ready to be competitive. Mannoni sums it up as follows: “The fund invests in the creation of culture aimed at the future”.

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