The fire on the Bordighera school construction site heats up the city council: minority asks for explanations, the mayor answers

Bordighera. “For the sake of clarity and for the need to offer a truthful reconstruction, it seems necessary to remember the following facts. The project for the new kindergarten in via Naples initially foresaw an expense, according to the previous administration’s estimates, of approximately 1,500,000 euros. The figure then rose to 2,500,000 euros to reach 5,500,000 euros. This circumstance already testifies that the ideas of those who at that time administered Bordighera were not very clear. Our administration has therefore inherited a project that is certainly very important, but with different aspects to be explored. For example, we had to immediately withdraw the offer because it contained clear selection criteria that would certainly have limited competition to a few companies. I would like to emphasize that in this respect, in accordance with what our administration claims, even a letter of protest from the Order of Architects arrived ».

Thus began the mayor’s response Vittorio Ingenito by urgent movement signed by the minority councils Mara Lorenzi, Giacomo Pallanca, Margherita Mariella, Giuseppe Trucchi, Massimiliano Bassi And Giovanni Ramoino who asked for updates on the fire that destroyed the kindergarten during construction in via Naples in Bordighera. In addition to possible innovations that emerged from the ongoing investigations, the minority councilors asked for the activation of a fire alarm and an emergency plan appropriate to the structure, as, as explained by Lorenzi, “one thing that struck observers was the fact that several “Fire vehicles came and we saw them all in columns. We wondered if access to the school, in a populated area, was adequate.”

A proposal, this one, which Ingenito defined “really inappropriate, and I dare say shamelessly from those who managed Bordighera for the previous five years. You should have addressed all these concerns to Villa Felomena Kindergarten, left without a fire prevention certificate. Perhaps you have forgotten that in the first months of 2019, as soon as we became aware of this serious non-compliance, we closed the school with Councilor Gnutti and put 200 children to safety ».

“And I repeat,” he added, “without shame, also remembering that you had left Rodari School without an alarm control unit. I emphasize: a school had no alarm system. Councilors Pallanca, Bassi, Mariella: Even today, you have lost a good opportunity not to speak, as your intervention only served to highlight the shortcomings of your administration. Missing, as I will remind you from here until the end of my term, in any useful occasion ».

“How can you think of asking for a fire prevention plan with?” added the Commissioner for Public Works Marco Laganà – There is already a fire prevention plan both at the school and in the parking lots with pipes and butterflies that discharge water. However, it is normal that since it is still a construction site, with the school closed and not in operation, as there is not even the power, there was not even the strength to make it work ».

“This proposal was not an accusation against your administration – replied the councilor Giacomo Pallanca – And as usual you have a nerve. If we wanted to ask a technical question, then we had to ask, as a construction site, who gave permission for the furniture to be brought into a school, on a construction site, in a room where the fire accidentally started? If we had wanted to be the ones really breaking the boxes, the proposal would have asked for this. But you, the mayor, were not intelligent enough to understand that the proposal was not against, but was proactive. At this point, Pallanca stated: “I am officially asking who has given permission to bring furniture to a construction site that to date has no test or fire extinguishing system. And by chance, the fire started in that room. Who approved it? ‘ At the mayor’s reply: “The office will respond”, a heated debate was triggered, which caused several councilors to raise their voices. “Did you know that or not?” urged Pallanca. “We are ridiculous,” Ingenito thundered.

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