The city is transformed into the capital of antiquity, the shops and buildings in the center are opened

The cultural association Pennabilli Antiquariato has developed the program for “The national market exhibition in the historic center’s shops and buildings”, which takes place from 8 to 24 July and will host 27 antique dealers, 3 side exhibitions and some cultural events, assumes the physiognomy of a real festival of ancient and contemporary art. After fifty years, the era of the exhibition trapped within the walls of Palazzo Olivieri definitely ended, thanks to the public favor, the enthusiasm of the exhibitors and the positive opinion expressed by professionals of Vittorio Sgarbi’s caliber, Pennabilli Antiquariato consolidates innovative module, tested in the last two years, based on the establishment of about thirty antique galleries in old buildings and shops in the historic center.

The exhibition component will be accompanied by a result of artistic events, including material, conferences, shows and editorial presentations that will bring to life a true cultural “festival” with strong connotations of uniqueness.
The complementary art exhibitions are housed in three valuable historic buildings: the Church of San Filippo, the Oratorio of Sant’Andrea and the Palazzo del Bargello and are dedicated respectively to Mario Giacomelli (Senigallia, 1925 – 2000), who is able to create with the photographic instruments traced by an intimate fantasy-magical journey, to the sculptor Edgardo Mannucci (Fabriano, 1904 – Arcevia, 1986), one of the protagonists of European informal plastic art, to Arturo Carmassi (Lucca, 1925 – Empoli, 2015), sculptor and master of the techniques lithography and chalography.

As part of “The meetings with art”, Friday the 22nd at 9.30 pm, Professor Alessandro Delpriori will hold a conference dedicated to Madonna delle Grazie in Pennabilli in “Orto dei frutti forgotten”. Sunday, July 10 at 21.00 in Piazza Sant’Agostino commemorates the founder of Pennabilli Antiquariato, Gianni Giannini, to whom a book written by several hands is dedicated: “Gianni, civilism is the scent of life”, in which his biography is outlined through testimonies from them, there stood near him, and the actions and words that characterized his initiative and dynamism.

“The National Market Exhibition in the shops and palaces of the historic center”, 51st edition of Pennabilli Antiquariato, will be inaugurated on Friday 8 July at 18.00 in Piazza Sant’Agostino in the presence of representatives of the institutions and some personalities from the world of culture, including: Mauro Filicori, Regional Councilor for Culture and Landscape, and the poet from Urbino, candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Umberto Piersanti; there will be Elisabetta Belloni, Director General of DIS, who will be awarded the prize “Il Ricciolo blond of Pennabilli”, a recognition established by the Cultural Association Pennabilli Antiquariato and awarded to those who have distinguished themselves in the world, giving prestige to the city of Pennabilli.

51 consecutive editions represent a record and confirm the value of an event that can emerge from many similar initiatives that combine a balanced commercial and cultural project: a guarantee for enthusiasts who want to admire high-level works, and for investors, collectors and enthusiasts to whom Pennabilli Antiquariato offers a wide range of options.

Over time, the exhibition has lived up to its offerings without compromising on the quality of the works and the professionalism of the exhibitors, so much so that it has been through the difficult crisis that has forced other prestigious exhibitions to close their doors unharmed. In turn, an unparalleled scenario: Pennabilli, the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club and Valmarecchia, a harmonious, welcoming environment, away from crowded and chaotic tourist centers or gray exhibition centers that will allow visitors to walk along the roads, alleys and squares with an ancient charm, defined by Tonino Guerra as “The place where you are”.

Duration: July 8-24, 2022
Headquarters: Pennabilli RN
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 15.30 to 20.30; Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 20.30
Exhibitors: 30
Free access
How to get there: Pennabilli is easily accessible from Rimini and Sansepolcro AR along the SS 258 Marecchiese
Organization: Kulturforeningen Pennabilli Antiquariato APS – Salita Valentini 7 – 47864 Pennabilli RN – tel. 0541 928578 – –

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