School and work, the students at Ipsia Puecher Olivetti di Rho hired before the exam-

from Giovanna Maria Fagnani

Two days a week among the counters, the others included in the area companies. The case of high school students from Rho and Arese: “For 90%, the contract has been triggered”

Monday and Tuesday at school desksfrom 8 to 17, to study Italian, mathematics, English … Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, however, at work in the company. This is how the 48 graduates who are facing the oral exams these days spent their last school year at Ipsia Puecher Olivetti in Rho. Students employed (some from the age of four) by companies in the area, with the contract “in Article 43”, formula born in 2015, with the Jobs Act, and which regulates the apprenticeship in order to obtain a qualification (in this case the diploma). The children thus continue in school, but at the same time receive a professional education in the company, where they do not just attend courses, but are part of the production process. A “baptism” of the work, even before the exam. And an option that in 90 percent of cases turns into a new contract and then into employment.

“The winning equation”

Al Puecher Olivetti di Rho, a state professional institute with several addresses, the apprenticeship was started in 2019 and is still the only one in the Milanes area and one of the very rare in Lombardy. Last year, the first five graduates were on the Technical Maintenance course specializing in plumbing and heating, heating systems, engines. “This year, on the other hand, we have a fourth with 8 students and a fifth with 9 – says deputy head of school Carla Falcone -. The graduates’ contracts expire by law on July 31, but several companies have already informed us that the students will continue to work with them. Of last year’s five candidates, however, two were hired ». With the apprenticeship, he points out Rector Emanuele Contu“We are fighting school dropout and giving our students the opportunity to enter businesses while completing their education. In the coming years, we will expand the addresses involved because it is a winning equation for everyone: for students, for schools and for locals. In this context, I was struck by the great desire of many entrepreneurs to “learn the trade”: there is the desire, in addition to the need, to pass on to the youngest experiences and skills that one otherwise fears will be lost, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.companies that are on the market thanks to the quality of their production ».

The Salesian Center in Arese

Of the 48 student-apprentices, thirty-nine come from “Cnos-Fap”, the professional training center for salespeople in Arese. To obtain the matriculation examination, their students (who already have the four-year technical qualification in their pocket) must take the examination at a state institution. In this case Puecher. At the vendors, the apprentice addresses are mechanic, electronics, car repairs. “We started offering it in 2015 as soon as it was introduced, and the results are clear: 90 percent of students continue to work even after graduation. Today, a thousand companies work with us: We are a vocational training center with 800 students, and we do 600 internships a year, “he says. director Mauro Colombo. “Studying and working is tiring, but our children find self-fulfillment at work, a rewarding path. Furthermore, the experience in the company makes adults and is essential in a professional career »he says« We are looking for companies that want to invest in children. Instead, let’s avoid those who change apprenticeships every year and only use them to obtain tax breaks and save money ». AND, sometimes there are surprising results. “One of our high school students got top marks in the Italian theme”.

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