Piero Angela, Superquark ‘acts as a news program’ – Culture and Entertainment

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 5 – Piero Angela returns at the age of 93 with his ‘Superquark’, the historical science and technology dissemination program. The new cycle with Piero and Alberto Angela opens with the first episode of the series produced by the BBC, ‘The game of seduction’, which will be broadcast on Wednesday 6 July at 21.15 on Rai1. Late in the evening, “Superquark Natura” also starts again with the first complete episode of the BBC series “A perfect planet” on “I Volcani”.
“As we know, science and technology, and their consequences for society, are constantly and rapidly evolving, but often in Italy they are only talked about in the form of obscure threats or extraordinary miracles. It is not possible to understand the deep nature of these changes, and therefore we are often unable to deal with them, ”explains Piero Angela.
“As Luigi Einaudi, the second president of the Italian Republic, said ‘to know in order to consider’. To make the right decisions to lead a country, one must know the situation well, data in hand. And science and technology are a very important part of this necessary knowledge “emphasizes the King of science communicators on television.
The countless studies carried out in the laboratories of Lens, the European institute that studies light and which explores its secrets to develop surprising applications, from lasers to cool matter to absolute zero, to nanorobotics to studies, will be told. from cardiac physiology to new techniques to repair scars after heart attack on the heart muscle. Alberto Angela, on the other hand, will go back in time to Italy three hundred thousand years ago, at the gates of Rome at one of the most important sites in our prehistory, La Polledrara di Cecanibbio, the cemetery of ancient elephants, where a specimen was excavated extraordinary because complete and with all bones associated.
Born in 1981, when it was only called Quark, became Superquark in 1995 with a new formula and a longer duration, the program “works and has previously worked a bit like a news broadcast built on the latest news” says Piero Angela. “Superquark – he adds – is followed by what happens in the world of science and technology, and the studies or discoveries that the program’s authors find most interesting and innovative are chosen. .
Guests at Piero Angela, in the study of the columns ‘Science in the kitchen’ doctor Elisabetta Bernardi, who explains what the protein transaction is and how important it is for diet, for “Behind the scenes of history” Professor Alessandro Barbero, who talks about Hitler’s American nephew for “Psychology of a hoax” Massimo Polidoro, who learns to recognize the deniers of science and for “A Matter of Hormones” Professor Emmanuele Jannini, who will talk about violence against women.
Among the explored themes is also a sensory training that allows you to regain the lost sense of smell for covid 19. Stop on the island of Montecristo, where Professor Piovesan from the University of Tuscia discovered a grove of deciduous trees, which is at Dante Alighieri’s age: 700 years and then the image that emerges from the use of SIMs, which almost in real time defines the dynamics of a large metropolis like Rome, with the utmost respect for the privacy of users. (HANDLERS).