Miyon, sustainability and beauty (05/07/2022)

“Sustainability is beauty, uniqueness, limited production, respect for everyone’s work and for the environment. We strongly believe in the usefulness of all the resources that come from production processes. Which today must be transformed with the culture to do, to produce new value From our perspective, a rejection becomes such when it no longer succeeds in having any function.Today, true luxury is the quality, longevity and consistency of the product, sustainable “. Like this Irene Bassi and Giacomo Mionas they founded in Venice Miyon, container of projects arising from the meeting of the world of architecture and design and which is created thanks to transformation and al recycling of materials.

Miyon projects are totally created and produced in Italy, through manual steps performed according to old rules. Basically a belief in the value of slowness, synonymous with humanity, attention to detail, original solutions, acceptance of subtle variations as a trace of craftsmanship. Miyon is inspired by the geometry of clean lines, to the rationality of the architectural project, to the perfection of the elements of nature, but also to the design with small and large objects that have written history. Every day, Miyon’s approach to quality is focused on the continuous search for the best techniques in service of the best material. Only in this way can the brand guarantee that its products will have the best attention and attention to detail.

Moretta and Maracana are the first launch bags. Moretta (pictured) is environmentally friendly because it is built with a careful selection of high-quality certified materials that observe the value of time and human labor and produced with aspecial attention to waste. Miyon’s research focuses on fabrics that have not yet had a life cycle, precious fabrics from previous collections that are now out of production or vintage from the archive. Maracana (on the opening image of the article) is made to order with high quality leather and uses only fine or surplus of production. There is never one bag that is identical to the other, and this allows you not to waste material and always offer different colors: each piece is unique and personal. In fact, the color, type of leather and the inner lining will vary over time; this is a fundamental part of the project, which makes it possible to recycle existing and limited material until exhaustion.

“Every year, tons of leather end up in landfills: our choice, but also our duty, is to use the material that is available,” he says. Irene Bassi.

“Miyon is sustainable because we produce in Italy by hand, but above all locally. We offer existing materials in top quality (recycling or upcycling activities), we praise the unique piece, the craftsmanship and the personalization of the object. Behind each piece there is a story, slowly devised by artisan hands “, he explains Giacomo Mion.

Miyon’s dream is also to introduce over time small decor accessories and items for daily use. The vision of the founders, also companions in life, is identified in the desire not to limit creative freedom in terms of the projects to be proposed, the materials chosen, the timing and the production techniques.

Irene Bassi she graduated in fashion design in Milan in 2006 from the European Institute of Design. She immediately engaged in consulting, research and textile customization and collaborated with one of the first companies committed to combating waste from production processes. Giacomo Mion he graduated in Switzerland in 2010 from the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture. The first job is in India, an important multi-year experience; for many years he has worked in an important studio operating in the field of industrial design and furniture.

Photo for article: © Miyon

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