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Milan councilor: “I work by agreement with Purchia”

There is a lot of discussion about how build “the cultural heritage of the future” and this theme will be at the heart of the General Cultural States, an event dedicated to the Italian cultural industry, promoted by Sole 24 Ore, which is back today at the Risorgimento Museum in Turin (from 9.30am). Sometimes, though, there is no need to invent something new, just reinforce existing models and try to replicate them. This is the case with the MiTo Settembre Musica, which brings Milan and Turin together. The event has recently gained recognition as an event of “absolute international prestige” by the Ministry of Culture, with a consequent additional Fus contribution starting this year, of one million euros.

“From the establishment of our respective councils – he says Tommaso Sacchi, cultural councilor in the municipality of Milan-. There was immediately an excellent agreement to strengthen this bond, which emerges from MiTo, one of the very few European festivals that binds two such important capitals in planning and management ». It is also a working model because the dual billboard allows the Turin public and the Milanese public to lose virtually nothing. At the same time, the two cities are experiencing strong synergy. “MiTo can still grow – announces Sacchi, who will talk about it today with his Torino colleague Rosanna Purchia -, and it is a festival centered on classical music that makes room for protagonists from the modern scene, such as Elio or Lella Costa, because it touches on the different levels of production. This traces the openings and we want to involve the city of Lyon ».

It is one of the items on the agenda that could become a reality as early as 2023, but it all needs to be planned. “We met with the mayor and councilor of Lyon – reveals Sacchi – first in Milan and then in Turin. It will be an ideal work table”. Not the only one, but it is a fixed point from which to develop other projects. On today’s initiative , in which Andrea Bocelli also participates, there will be all representatives of the institutions and the industrial sector, from the Minister Dario Franceschini to the Mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Russo, in addition to the representatives of the Bank Funds, Confindustria Cultura Italia and directors of the main Italian museums museums, Massimo Osanna.

Museums are another “asset” to work on. “As MiTo has shown – adds Tommaso Sacchi – it can be a way to collaborate in a concrete and operational way on the production of cultural proposals. I look with particular interest at the realities of Turin, with whom I can structure a dialogue, such as the Egyptian Museum. After all, in the coming months, Milan is preparing to give birth to new cultural institutions: the European Library, the Museum of Digital Art and the National Museum of the Resistance (and to say that Turin already has one, red). In addition, the Museo del Novecento will be doubled with another building on Piazza Duomo. We work on the infrastructures of culture ». The Milanese councilor also identifies an area to work on in the Museum Subscription tool, which has already been extended to Lombardy for some years. “I believe we can do a job of understanding – he concludes – a campaign and ticket sales between Turin and Milan. The rivalry between the cities? The recipe for countering this idea is to establish solid, more interesting collaborations.” Gotor, cultural adviser in Rome, in a panel with Purchia and Sacchi.

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