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Lotzorai July 4, 2022 – There are on the sky of the culture certain adjustments of the stars, whose glow can illuminate the darkness; the triple agreement from 15 to 17 July 2022 to Lotzorai when Literary constellations they will illuminate the evenings in the pine forest near the sea, it is one of the lucky conjunctions that unites people, gathers them again to tell and listen to stories.

Three days of meetings, debates, dozens of ‘curtain lifts’ with authors, storytellers, researchers, bloggers, writers and journalists involved under a single star, the culture that speaks to the problems of the moment, which tells about health, well-being, the slow rhythms , the long life lived and written by those who practice it, study it, evoke it, and inhabit it. Words exchanged everywhere Ogliastra these subjects are daily bread, in the land of men and women among the longest living on earth.

The first edition is an important goal. That Literary CostellAzioni Festival it starts in its full splendor: da Friday 15. to Sunday, July 17, 2022 opens a review that looks to the future. That Lotzorai municipalitywants to bring novels, short stories, essays, journalistic texts to this magnificent corner of the world that comes from all over the globe, driven by the now free desire to live the passion, of the books, through meetings, debates, exchanges with established authors and with them, who has the curiosity and pleasure of seeing and hearing written and spoken stories.

TO Literary constellations books are like life, the title of the review is a call because books are the stars of the area, which protects readers from inside ‘ConstellAzione’ and welcomes beginners to lead them to the safe haven of culture. They can be guided in the same way that the stars accompany the sailor to port security. The first edition aims to validate the model in a frontier area suitable for the enthusiasm of those who organize and its public who ask for cultural opportunities without which it could never even hope to reach the milestone for the first time.

IN Tancau pine forest dozens of guests will alternate: writers, researchers and journalists. Each of them will be able to give the exhibition the value that will make Ogliastra a literary festival, one of those events that grows in importance and interest. Literary constellations springs from the will to do Lotzorai the crossroads between the tourist coast and the hinterland, offers this extraordinary territory as a breeding ground for readers and assumes that through cultural tourism it can be enriched. May the exchange between natives and travelers through books, a true cultural beacon, become an element of union in mutual growth and social, economic, cultural, political and territorial development. A project that embraces completely Lotzorai in its peculiarities, with the longest-lived inhabitants of the world in the country of Blue Zone and a search for the quality of life linked to the rhythms of nature and the earth. Physical well-being that is inseparable from the mental, and which is increasingly aimed at young people. For our future.

Fraction of Tancau sul Mareon the beach in Tancau: where a dense and generous pine forest, which usually makes the summers for adults and children pleasant, will host us in a breathtaking natural scene.


There church of Santa Barbara, located in the Donigala district: the stone walls and the large elms arranged to protect the building separate it; that landscape with a rural flavor will host some of our meetings.

Lido delle Rose beach: where a library for children and teenagers is a cultural center in the holidays and colors of residents and visitors young and very young days; will host our books during the festival and some of our authors who want to meet the new generations.

Republic Squarein front of the town hall of Lotzorai: a square with an original theater will host some of our guests, but above all it will be ready to welcome all those who wish to participate in our cultural evenings.


The project is from Lotzorai municipality, a young administration that has decided to invest in culture to grow the community and as a tool to improve the territory. “For us,” he says Mattea Lissia which follows the festival’s artistic management books, who writes those who love them, are so important that our intention is to participate in reading in all its forms and expand the festival also in the other months of the year, expand the first edition to new meetings with the country’s elders, visitors, young people and students. The public asking for new literary encounters is an army armed with enthusiasm and curiosity, we feel that this appointment is so expected that we should do nothing but open the curtain. This trust is the most coveted goal, and which we would like to achieve in the next few years as well, perhaps thanks to the units that can help us organize again and again ”.

The country

“A place that brings together land and sea, from Pineta di Tancau, the town squares and its historical sites – He says the mayor of Lotzorai Cesare Mannini – to Lotzorai spectators who are not just the audience but familiar faces of an event that will create unforgettable moments have citizenship. We live in an extraordinary place, with stories and a future that has not yet been told, which is even better when it comes to projects to look ahead. The work that was born around this festival is a mixture of creativity, initiative and organization. For me, the exhibition is an opportunity to involve the population, a stimulating confrontation between islanders’ talents and personalities from Italian culture that allows us to have relationships with beautiful corners of our territory that are far from the usual routes.

How to do it

The formula gives three days: from 15 to 17 July it becomes an edition full of events that follow each other every day, famous guests of international fame from the cultural world linked to quality of life, health, a good life and, what most characterizes this festival, the incredible participation of The village of Lotzorai actively and enthusiastically supporting the event, volunteers of all ages and the heterogeneous, nurtured and passionate audience who want to feel the familiar and relaxed atmosphere that only summer days away from chaos and a hospitable country like Sardinia can offer.

“This project – finally emphasizes the organizers – highlights the intense and fruitful synergy created between all of us. The passion for reading is the strongest partnership that lays the foundation for subsequent major projects. “The event is a great cultural opportunity, which is growing visibly and which is becoming an opportunity for Lotzorai and Ogliastra”.


Friday, July 15th we will be at Donigala for an evening that would like to reveal the intentions of the project Literary constellations, bring out the special, give voice to the community. The welcome opening with the 100th anniversary, a bowl of the elixir of life and readings from “The Sea and Sardinia” by DH: Lawrence by Silvano Vargiu with a production of S’Arza Teatro in collaboration with Cantieri d’Arte Teatro delle Chimera ”.

to follow up with Luigi Contu, director of Ansa, and his first book “I libri feel lonely”, which tells of the father who, shortly before he dies, gives his son a few notes on a few sheets. From here, the history of the family library unfolds and becomes the history of love, literature, Sardinia and all of Italy.

Patrizia Serra, in conversation with Tonio Pillonca, he will tell us about the choice to live in a town in Ogliastra and decide to leave. Enrico Spanu through pictures along with Lello Caravano thanks to a place of research on the patriarchs, of our island’s plant monumentality, of which we can also boast of a large presence in the Ogliastra area. To end with the viewing of the documentary by Pietro Mereu The Centennial Club dedicated to 100-year-olds in Ogliastra and winner of several awards.

Saturday, July 16th opens in Tancau’s pine forest at 12.00 with the teacher Stefano Player which tells us how globalization puts all types of societies in crisis, but at the same time pushes each of us to an ever-increasing responsibility towards the common, which promotes new social ties and often “localized” cooperation. It is a daily rationality that is directly linked to the territory, which becomes a symbol, matter and new collective forms that must not only protect places, but autonomous paths based on virtuous social circuits of shared responsibility. The book is dedicated to those communities that live the responsibility of tourism and food and who know that their practices are the only horizon for this late modernity.

We get to the core of the program in the afternoon, where we talk about inclusion, about how to live in space, about life in symbiosis with nature. An immersive and dutiful opening with Grazia Deledda and the passengers read byItalian association for the blind and partially sighted. It continues with a “declaration of love” for books and acquaintance with Fiorenzo Cateriniaccompanied in music.

The evening continues with a deep reflection on the need for inclusion with the young award-winning author Nadeesha Uyangoda. Follow Marco Amerighi, candidate in the week of Witch 2022, leads us to a reflection on relationships as the nerve center of life and the salvation of all of us. The literary evening ends with a captivating talk at Antonio Pascale And “The history of the world (and emotions) through plants”. Only after dinner a musical appointment that must not be missed, which we will reveal to you.

Sunday, July 17th the literary day starts on Sunday from the morning Mariangela Pira in Pineta di Tancau and a Sunday aperitif to taste Ogliastra wines, a long-lived elixir.

Claudia Pupillo with its Botanical Theater opens the afternoon dedicated to children with “MURDO – the book about impossible dreams “.

Shortly after Matteo Porru carried out by Jolanda di Virgilio will be the main person in the meeting “G8 explained young people “ with the collection We move carefully within which he is the author of a story.

The discovery of the spaces to inhabit that reveal the importance that each of us attaches to life, with the anthropologist Andrea Staid.

Alessandro De Roma with his new novel “No one is alone” it speaks to us about relationships, which are the essence of human life, in a very intense father / son relationship, and about generations meeting and colliding.

Closure is trusted Pierpaolo Vacca, with traditional music bringing us back to the dances and dances in the square, it is overwhelmed and blunted by the use of electronic effects, thus projecting us into a world where the sounds of the past meet with the changed and distorted sounds of the present. . With consciousness, to bring us to the most classic “Su ballu tundu”, the circle – a symbol of unity and collective strength – protects against the curious, but is open to those who want to participate. Inclusion, community, participation, experimentation and a farewell toast to the next edition.

After the presentations and debates, let’s hang out with friends and guests to talk about books, get to know the main characters and taste a good glass of local wine and why not be a part of the future of CostellAzioni Letterarie.

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