Kiev, Russian missiles hit the school in Kharkiv – World

Russian troops tonight launched a missile attack on a school in Kharkiv. No one was injured. This was reported by Oleg Synegubov, the head of the regional military administration in Kharkiv, on Telegram, as reported by Ukrinform. “At 2 p.m., the enemy launched a missile attack on one of the educational institutions in the Saltiv district of Kharkiv. The building was partially damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties,” Synegubov said.

Russian forces launched a missile attack on Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine this morning and continued to bomb communities in the region, the regional state administration’s press service reported on Facebook, according to Ukrinform. “On the morning of July 5, the occupiers fired rockets at Mykolaiv. Rescuers, doctors, emergency services and public servants are already at work,” the administration said without specifying whether there were any casualties or casualties. Also this morning, Russian troops bombed the communities of Inhulska, Bereznehuvatska, Bashtanska, Shyrokivska and the village of Lymany in the Halytsynivska community.

Russia has deployed three warships and two submarines in the Black Sea with a total of more than 30 Caliber cruise missiles, Moscow’s southern operations command announced on Facebook, according to Ukrinform. “In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, there are currently three ships and two submarines ready to fire more than 30 missiles,” the command wrote in a statement.

Two civilians were killed and four others wounded in the bombing of Russian forces in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk in the past 24 hours, the head of the regional and military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said on Facebook, according to Ukrinform. . “Russia kills civilians! On July 4, the Russians killed two civilians in the Donetsk region of Bakhmut. Four more people were injured,” Kyrylenko wrote.

Several places in the border areas of Russia’s Kursk region have been the subject of attacks by Ukrainian forces, Governor Roman Starovoit reported on his Telegram channel today. The village of Markovo was bombed this morning and the Tyotkino settlement is under artillery attack, Starovoit said, also quoted by the Russian news agency Tass. “Also this morning, bombing began in the populated areas of the Glushkovsky district, near the border. Artillery attacks were recorded in the village of Markovo, explosions were heard again in the Tyotkino settlement,” the governor of the region wrote. Roman Starovoyt on his Telegram channel. According to the governor, reports the Russian agency Tass, the bombings are still going on. The Tyotkino settlement borders Ukraine and has already been bombed several times by the Ukrainian army. Some residential properties were slightly damaged on July 1st. On July 3, the governor reported that the attack was carried out near a sugar refinery without any reports of injuries. According to the governor, roofs, windows and walls of several houses were damaged.

Six people were injured yesterday in the Sumy region of eastern Ukraine after two attacks by Russian forces: the head of the regional military administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, reported on Telegram according to Ukrainska Pravda. . The Moscow army fired missiles at a school in the village of Esman, injuring four people. Two other people were injured in attacks on one of the villages in the neighboring community of Bilopillia. In the nearby village of Nova Sloboda, moreover, no injuries or victims were reported, but a commercial structure and power grid were destroyed by mortar fire.

“The Kremlin’s goal is to undermine the very existence of Ukraine as a state, and we will never allow that,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine to be held in Lugano. “We need to ensure that Ukraine not only wins the war but also the peace.” Zelensky also spoke from Lugano. “Russia’s war is a challenge for the European system. The reconstruction of Ukraine is the mission of the entire democratic world,” the Ukrainian president said.

More than 800 Ukrainians have been arrested since the beginning of the war, suspected of collaborating with the Russians. This was reported by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which published this morning, as reported by the Guardian a document. According to Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin, “in recent months, more than 800 saboteurs have been arrested and handed over to the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service, ed.) For further procedural action. And often they are sold” for thirty pieces of silver. .: the price of treason to the home country does not exceed $ 300 “.

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