Italian Digital Art Experience, an anthology of digital projects. The pictures

MILAN – Italian digital art experience is the anthological exhibition of digital projects – from video mapping to light art to immersive works – produced in our country and collected in a traveling project commissioned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperationplanned, from July 6 to August 31, 2022to MEET Digital Culture Center, the first international center for digital art and cultureborn in Milan with support from the Cariplo Foundation.

The exhibition, which presents an overview of new productions from over twenty Italian studios, builds on the project Farnesina Digital Art Experience, already hosted in various international cities proposing a new exhibition path in collaboration with Light festivalthe Italian organization that values ​​and promotes digital creativity at an international level.

Italian digital art experience – explains Stefano falsecurator of the Milanese scene – for the first time, it brings together works from many studios that represent realities of expertise at the Italian and international level and is an example of the different forms in which digital art is expressed. In recent years, we have witnessed the growth of a new generation of creatives, designers and artists who have been able to experiment and innovate: their work has certainly been favored by technological development, but their works transcend the purely technical aspect, in order to achieve new and surprising aesthetic results ” .

Maria Grazia Matteifounder and president of MEET, states: “IThe Italian landscape of digital creativity is so rich that it deserves to be explored and appreciated in an increasingly widespread way. Communication and event production is a renewed economic and cultural universe that is increasingly making use of the new digital languages. We discovered that we also have creative and professional resources in this sector, at a high professional level “.

In recent years, the setup of digital audiovisual installations – continues the ambassador Pasquale TerraccianoDirector-General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation it has become increasingly important for diplomatic-consular offices and for Italian cultural institutes around the world: a sign of the priority that Farnesina has given to the improvement abroad of modern Italian art and the most innovative intersections between art and technology. The exhibition at MEET is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness also in Italy about these original initiatives, created by working with a significant network of digital creatives.

Buenos Aires, 09/12/2021 Closing event organized by the Italian Cultural Institute at the Italian Embajada in Buenos Aires Photo: Enrico Fantoni

They involved creative and studies

Antaless Visual Design (Palermo), Antica Proietteria (Reggio Emilia), Apparati Effimeri (Bologna), Area Odeon (Monza), Delumen (Modena), FLxER (Rom), Full Frames (Montecatini), High Files Visuals (Torino), Immersive Media Studio (Siena / Milano), Kanaka Studio (Avellino), Karmachina (Milano), Leandro Summo (Bari), Luca Agnani Studio (Macerata), MammaONica (Catania), Michele Pusceddu (Cagliari), MONOGRID (Firenze), Mou Factory (Cremona), Odd Agency (Palermo), OLO Creative Farm (Como), OOOPStudio (Reggio Emilia), Plasmedia (Lecce / Foligno), Pixel Shapes (Ragusa), Proforma Video Design (Livorno), Rorschach Visual Project (Piacenza), Synapsi Videomapping Lab (Genoa), THE FAKE FACTORY (Florence), WOA Creative Company (Milano).

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