In September, the school is resumed without ventilation systems, guidelines and funds are lacking: principals and unions protest

The controversy over the lack of anti-covid interventions in schools in the light of the new school year takes shape from kl. ventilation systems in the classrooms loudly in demand even by epidemiologists. The problem is with mechanical ventilation systems The Ministry of Education’s guidelines are still missing: they were expected in early spring, but we are in the middle of summer and have not yet been announced.

2 billion is needed

Then there is a problem, perhaps the most significant, of an economic nature: a few months ago, Mario Pittoni, head of the league’s education department and Vice President of the Cultural Commission, he wrote that “according to the technicians to secure all 370,000 classrooms almost 2 billion“.


These are important funds, which of course cannot be allocated except through two channels: the NRP (but it does not appear that European funds are ready for this kind of intervention) or the next budget law (if the effects are that they will only have in 2023). Unless an administrative-economic “miracle”, therefore, in September, teaching resumes as it ended: without automatic ventilation systems.

PNA Rome and Lazio write to local authorities

On July 5, the principals also set out to hear about this passivity. And they have pointed the finger not only at the central administration. “Currently, nothing has been done by local authorities in light of the resumption of the school year in September,” they wrote. the presidents of PNA Rome and Lazio, Mario Rusconi and Cristina Costarellieven in one letter sent to Rome Municipality, Metropolitan City, Anci Lazio and Upi Lazio.

According to the two representatives of the Lazio PNA, there is “an urgent need to carry out inspections and inspections of school buildings in relation to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and various types of construction technology (plumbing, boilers, heating systems)” during the closing months.

In addition, Rusconi and Costarelli consider it necessary “know the planning of efforts by local authorities using funds from the NRP and with funds from other projects “, but also” to know the progress of programming with regard to the safety of school buildings “.

Therefore, they ask “to be informed about what the administrations intend to implement in relation to the issue of ventilation of school environments, both in the light of the Covid situation and the general viability of the same.

“Unfortunately, we can not help but notice that the numerous assurances about information, planning and concrete actions are currently being ignored: after a meeting on March 30, we have not received news or seen activations of what was done by local authorities”, ends Rusconi and Costarelli. Hence the hope of “a prompt consideration of the questions referred and a prompt response to the questions put”.

“Nthere is still a bit of programming “

Also in recent days Marcello Pacifico, President of Aniefhad emphasized that “less than two months before the start of the new school year, there is still no piece of planning and intervention in a pandemic prevention key: this is a particularly serious shortcoming because it means that the failed experiences of the last two years, with schools unprepared and unchanged from pre-Covid19, they have taught us nothing “.

“For the third year in a row, our students and teachers must teach with open windows, even when the frost comes. How the size of the classroomnot to mention number of students per grade, which instead of halving and guaranteeing a minimum distance, in many cases continues to exceed 25 members. We are not given any certainty about this by the Minister of Education’s reassuring words that the situation is under control. How can the administration of fourth dose vaccine, in the fallannounced by Health Minister Roberto Speranza because the facts have shown that it is not decisive, as well as discriminatory, if imposed in a forced manner ‘.

“The truth – concluded Anief’s trade unionist – is that we continue to say that Italy must adapt to EU parameters: because when we talk about these issues, does Italy continue to ignore it?”

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