From Grandma’s Suitcase to an Aperitif on the Beach: Ashine Inventes Crochet –

from Maria Egizia Fiaschetti

The idea of ​​Gaia Coccoluto and Celeste Roberti, 25, who turned their passion into a craftsman line in the name body positivity. After the summer sets (bikini, skirt and shoulder pull) they work on the new winter collection (also for men)

The thread of memories runs to childhood, to gifts made by hand from a distant grandmother always accompanied by a dedication. To reconnect the feelings of Celeste Roberti, a 25-year-old entrepreneur originally from Gaetawas the partnership with friends, Gaia Coccolutowhich he shares a passion for crochetancient and clever art that continues to renew itself also thanks to the audacity of young creatives projected towards the future. The Ashine project, a line of artisanal clothing that removes the cliché of knitted swirls to create a more captivating and sensual image, was born a year and a half ago in front of a coffee: We were both in a difficult moment – they say – and we said: “What could we do together to make a difference?”. Celeste had already opened an Instagram page with the slogan Love beyond form, which she made available on a knitter for commission work, especially for those looking for softer lines and suitable for non-standard physicality. Gaia, who studies communication, had in addition to organizing events worked as an assistant stylist in the fashion world (inspired by her mother, Paola Graziani), but had not yet found the courage to launch: I often found that I ordered clothes from Celeste and sent her the drawings of the models that I would have made … From there, he sensed the potential and convinced me to get involved.

Coordinated in the complementary, the friends are working on the re-branding and involve the knitter, a mother under 40 as they offer a job opportunity: Ours is not just a line of rein, but a broader cultural project in the field of sustainability, female solidarity and body positivity. The crochet has a loose fit, which makes people feel comfortable. We are able to satisfy many customers, even more for large and medium-sized than for small. Living in a seaside resort inspired them to reinvents a classic like crochet, no longer in a cute version, all lace and flowers, but bold and perfect for an aperitif on the beach: If you stay after sunset, after a shower, just put on a skirt and shrug your shoulders and you are ready for the evening. (S) dressed in the right place, between beachwear and the happy hour look, not approved but revisited in an original way halfway between the sun lounger and the bar counter. The idea, which traveled from word of mouth and a social communication played on surprise, was so successful that the creators are already looking for other specialized knitters to expand, but always keep the craft and the exclusive cut: We think of the winter line and we also want produce for men … what a challenge to combine it with crochet …. After a series of presentations at events on the coast between Lazio and Campania, in October they could land in Ibiza for a temporary store. In the meantime, they are planning an initiative where knitters will also take part in a crochet workshop open to the public: We will ask people to bring a garment and show them how to regenerate it. The band with electronic music is inseparable, which will soon be rejected on a playlist on Spotify: to sign the soundtrack to the video accompanying the GNMR launch campaign, Gianmaria Coccolutobrother of Gaia.

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5 July 2022 (amendment 5 July 2022 | 12.30 pm)

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