Fire in Rome, Pineto Park burning. Flames in the sports center, children evacuated

Rome, 4 July 2022 – Five hectares of burnt brushwood, two buildings evacuated, children rescued from the flames that attacked the sports center. It is the very first balance of fire that has raged since this afternoon in Pineto Regional Park, which it has so far engulfed 5 acres of land. Upon activation of Coau from the Department of Civil Protection, a NH500 helicopter of Nec of Rome Urbe took off towards the “Regional Urban Park of Pineto” to contribute to the activities of extinguishing the flames in the green area between pine forest Bagsin the Balduina district, e.g. Monte Ciocci to the Valle Aurelia district.

Today alone, 100 fires have broken out in Lazio. There are 300 civil protection teams operating throughout the region. Three civil protection helicopters have been in operation since this morning to put out the fire hitting the Balduina / Pineta Sacchetti area; Retirement homes and homes have been evacuated, the wind does not facilitate the extinguishing work. Compared to the same period last year (June 15-July 3, 2022), there were 1,750 interventions versus 400 in 2021; 300 hours of flight for regional helicopters compared to 30 hours last year; triple intervention and fires. Thus the civil protection in Lazio.

Flames in the park at Pineto in Rome


Bush fire in via della Pineta Sacchetti, at the entrance to Pineto Park
Bush fires in via della Pineta Sacchetti, at the entrance to Pineto Park

The fire that broke out in Pineto Park is still active: Many hours after the eruption began, the fire is still active. Firefighters e rescue teams are still working hard to turn offfire which affects the park area Pineta Sacchetti to Rome. Keep the support, for the moment, also off three helicopters – one from the fire brigade, the other from the carabinieri and the other from the army – which assists with the intervention of shut downmade even more complex by intense heat these days and since wind.

The fire front would have, too reached some condominiums located close to the area, while two sports clubs were damaged. The first, Show Aurelia, reported damage to
wooden structures, while the other fox was even evacuated and some young guests were rescued.

Bush fire in via della Pineta Sacchetti, at the entrance to Pineto Park
Bush fires in via della Pineta Sacchetti, at the entrance to Pineto Park

A new one has broken out fire in Rome a large-scale fire is burning Pineto Park. The flames move dangerously into Northern areabetween Pineta Sacchetti and Monte Mario. Evacuated the park, i.a. that children who played in a sports club of padel. Fear is high, a scenario similar to the terrible fire that destroyed last week is feared Aurelia area. The flames they threaten home of the area, high smoke columns are visible at miles away.

With the scorching heat and persistent fire, the Town Hall in the Towers, the greenest in the capital, asks the prefect for help: “Capitol is deaf, send us the army“.

The flames – broke out around at 14 today – they damaged some wooden structures, including the changing rooms, in the historic sports center Vis Aurelia, few steps from Pineta Sacchetti Park where the fire took place. Instead, due to the dense smoke, the club has “The fox paddle”, Via Ettore Stampini, in the Valle Aurelia area. There were several children in the center. Meanwhile, the operations of the firefighters are turning off burning of shrubs and crops in the park.

The fire would have developed inside the park with one first outbreakso spread, thanks warm windalso in other areas, including Valley Aurelia. In the area, many citizens sign up conspicuously columns from smoke. The park was completely evacuated. On site, in addition to firefighters, also carabinieri.

“Since January, I have had meetings with the civil protection to plan the interventions prevention of fireswithout concrete help from the Capitol. In parallel with the work on civil protection, I actually wrote several letters to Mayor Gualtieri, asking him to plan and intervene, to which I never got an answer. Now enough: I’m officially asking helpAndItalian army so that they help us to guarantee the security of the territory and its citizens. “This is what the President of Municipality VI delle Torri says, Nicola Franco.

“That fires the last few weeks – he adds – have been huge and it was simple luck not to have witnessed tragedies, as the flames often and happily came close to the houses. That The Capitol has been shown deaf to our requests and do nothing to assist the territory. For this reason, before a catastrophe occurs, I officially ask the prefect to make the Italian army available to the Municipio VI delle Torri, which has one of the highest percentages of green and agro-Roman areas in the capital.

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