direct access with three years of service, but with a reserved number of seats

DL n. 36/2022 converted to law no. 79/2022, in addition to redefining the system of basic education and recruitment of upper secondary school teachers, contains a transitional phase for access to the TFA specialization for the acquisition of the qualification for pedagogical support activities until 31 December 2024. Let’s see what is envisaged: exemption from entrance tests and requirements.

Access test

Access to specialization courses on support in accordance with Ministerial Executive Order no. 92/2019, takes place after passing the following tests:

  1. pre-selection examination (consisting of a number of candidates corresponding to twice the number of vacancies at each university. Candidates who obtain the same score as the last of those admitted are also admitted to the written examination); Read who does not take the pre-selection test
  2. one or more written or practical tests (the test has been passed with a minimum grade of 21/30. / 30);
  3. oral exam (passed with minimum score 21/30).

Who does not take the entrance exams

Pursuant to section 4, subsection 4, in Ministerial Decree no. 92/2019, excess is admitted to specialization courses on support, therefore without taking the entrance examsapplicants who in previous specialization cycles:

  • they have suspended the path;
  • they have not signed up for the course despite being in a useful position (ie despite having passed the entrance exams);
  • have passed the tests for several procedures and have taken advantage of the relative possibilities (this is for example the case for a candidate who has passed the tests for kindergarten and primary school and has chosen to follow the path to primary or childhood: you will be able to to have direct access to the path to kindergarten or primary school, depending on the previously made choice);
  • they passed the entrance exams but did not fall within the number of vacancies.

Those who first take the entrance exams on 31.12.2024

The transitional provision referred to in Article 18-bis, para. 2, in the revised Legislative Decree 59/2017, introduced by Article 44 of Legislative Decree 36/2022 (amended to Act no. 79/2022), where we read:

Until the expiry of the period referred to in para. The transition period mentioned in 1 has specialization courses for pedagogical support activities for students with disabilities access within the framework of the space reserve set by the Ministry’s decree. university and research, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, those, including teachers, who are employed on time indefinite in the roles of the state, which has served at least three years of service in the last five of the position as support in schools in the national education system, including peer schools and courses e vocational training of the regions, and which is in possession of the teacher qualification and qualification valid for teaching. The courses are conducted using conventional delivery methods, in full presence or, exclusively for activities other than internship and laboratory activities, in any case by telematic methods no more than 20 per cent. of the total amount.

Until 31 December 2024therefore they get direct access to the specialization courses on support (therefore without taking the entrance exams) aspirants who have served three years in the last five on a support post in the schools of the national education system.

We specify that:

  1. the measure is aimed at both insecure teachers and those who are employed indefinitely (at state schools);
  2. interested parties must be in possession of the teaching qualification and qualificationtherefore for the class of the competition / place to which the qualification and / or qualification gives access; at this point see Precious workers with 3 years of service direct access to Tfa support, Pittoni (Lega) specifies: “You do not need the qualification”
  3. that service (three years in the last five) can be done in schools is state to justas well as in vocational education and training (organized by the regions); the law does not specify whether it must be completed in the specific degree you are participating in (therefore it seems that you can participate in an education and have performed service on support also at other degrees; however, we expect the Ministry to give the necessary indications);
  4. L ‘access Sara limitedin the sense that there will be a precise number of places reserved for the teachers in question, which will be determined by an executive order from the Ministry of Universities and Research, issued in collaboration with the Ministry of Education;
  5. that courses they will take place in presence; part of the course relating to activities other than workshops and internships can be completed in telematic mode not exceed 20% of the total amount.

General access requirements

For access to specialization courses in primary and kindergartenthe requirements are (one of the following):

  1. the title of qualification for teaching in the educations in primary school science or similar qualifications obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with applicable law; or
  2. teacher diplomaincluding experimental diploma with psychopedagogical address with qualification value and experimental diploma with linguistic address, achieved at educational institutions or similar qualifications obtained abroad and recognized in Italy under applicable law, obtained, however within the school year 2001/2002.

For access to specialization courses in primary and secondary schoolthe requirements are (one of the following):

  1. specific qualification in the competition class or similar qualifications obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with applicable law; or
  2. Graduation master’s degree or individual education (or 2nd level diploma in higher artistic, musical and dance education, or equivalent or equivalent title, in accordance with the competition classes in force on the date of the competition) plus 24 CFU / CFA or qualification for second competition class / education level.

For ITPuntil 2024/25, on access requirements and diploma which provides access to the competition class.


Finally, we can say the following:

  1. until 31.12.2024 they get direct access (therefore without performing the entrance exams) The TFA courses support the permanent teachers and not with three years of service within the last five, in possession of the qualification and (must be “or”) Of the qualifications valid for teaching (for details on the service and the number of places reserved for such teachers, see above);
  2. always until 31/12/2024 (and of course also after the transition phase) the above-mentioned “ordinary” entrance requirements and the exemption from the entrance exams for excess teachers remain in force (see the section “Who does not take entrance tests”);
  3. up to the school year 2024/25, the requirement for ITPs is the only diploma giving access to the competition class;
  4. after the academic year 2024/25, the entry requirements for ITP teachers will be the qualification for the specific competition class or degree (or AFAM diploma at first level or equivalent or equivalent qualification, in accordance with the competition classes in force on the date of the competition); plus 24 ECTS (or, as an alternative to 24 ECTS, qualification for another competition class / degree;
  5. the transition phase will end on 1 January 2025 and therefore the provisions of point 1 above are no longer envisaged.

DL 36/22 converted to law no. 79/2022

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