coordinated project for a global format

When times are ripe, good ideas give space, yes, they renew their space. And this is the time for group to present itself with the new format for its stores, where the public will recognize the quality of the proposal for tailor-made solutions, immediately identify the furniture collection The modern house within the network of 65 independent stores present in Italy.

The group thus strengthens La Casa Moderna in its commitment to offering the advanced consumer the “home of dreams”, ie. a personal home, designed according to specific needs and tastes. Therefore also new payment More home, more yours. Those who enter a La Casa Moderna store will find the various thematic areas of the house clearly identified, as to emphasize that each of them should professionalism and of concrete advice.

In this picture and in the opening there are two examples new format of La Casa Moderna stores. The different areas of the house are identified with large emotional photographic images and an inviting layout that includes clear and legible information about the products

Kitchen, day, sofas, night, mattresses and bedrooms: each sector is characterized by an emotional layout in effect And clearly legible in the content. A series of photographic images in large format, inspired by unique moments in life at home, as each person’s life is unique, will welcome the visitor alternately with technical images and product values. A recognizable and engaging format, able to offer emotions and communication at the same time, which will be consistently expressed in the La Casa Moderna stores. Another step to offer a 360 ° adjustment.

Keep growing

As stated by i CEO Luigi Bocca And Stefano Borasi of, (purchasing group from which La Casa Moderna was born), from the offices in Cuneo, which were also recently renovated: “On the road to confirming the network in the market, the time has come to renew the image of the point of sale coordinated with the rest of online and offline communication. An effort that goes from the small detail to the general layout, up to the story of the brand through images that work on perceptions and senses. A commitment that aims to improve the consumer experience in La Casa Moderna stores and to give more and more identity and personality to the young brand. We wanted bring the visual communication methods typical of a single-brand store back to a multi-brand, making the multi-specialty an added value. An unprecedented proposal in the Italian market ».

Luigi Bocca and Stefano Borasi, CEO of Group

The Modern House is a project that began its adventure with the current structure in 2010, believing in the growth of a network of non-competing interior design outlets to protect Italian know-how in historic shops in the area, which enhances their unique character. A project that continues to grow, as confirmed by the CEOs: “With the steady growth in revenue, there was a clear need, thanks to a strong digital campaign that led to the notoriety and public recognition of La Casa Moderna, to bring so much recognition into the store.”

A digital support

The news of the group concerns not only the layout of the La Casa Moderna stores, but alsointroduction of innovations aimed at improving and simplifying the important work of store salespeopleand offers them an advanced digital support tool: ny lcm app (The Modern House). app Icm
Among the news in the group is also the lcm app (La Casa Moderna) intended for the stores’ sales staff, who will thus have a digital catalog to accompany the customer in their choice.

Products, suggestions, colors, news, variants and prices on the furniture, everything will be at hand immediately, or rather by touch, in real time, to best accompany the customer on the delicate path of choice and purchase. lcm apps, dedicated to the sales force of the network, thus joins the traditional paper catalogs, which makes it possible to constantly update information and materials, while at the same time being able to view them offline. A further digital step, another step in the continued growth – in terms of innovation, service and value – of the points of sale in the group.

Interior multi-specialists

Today, La Casa Moderna, a sign from the group, counts 42 companies with 65 stores and over 350 interior design specialists. A personal and unique offer under the brand La Casa Moderna, the result of a long selection from the best national producers. In addition to advanced sales premises, La Casa Moderna is one richly printed and interactive online catalog, more and more able to be a stimulus and inspiration for both end consumers and designers who can find tailor-made solutions for the different interior and contract needs. Since too it is constantly updated, easy to consult to find the products in the collection or the nearest retailer.

Arreda.Net catalog 2022 The modern house
The front page of the 2022 catalog of La Casa Moderna, shared by the group, printed and distributed in 500 thousand copies

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