Casa Marta, the cornerstone of the future hospice for palliative care for children

This morning, at 11 a.m., the ceremony for laying the foundation stone of Casa Marta, the first pediatric hospice in Tuscany, was held, intended to welcome children in need of palliative care and their families.

Ceremonies. Among the many institutions present, the ceremony was attended by Eugenio Giani, President of the Tuscany Region, Simone Bezzini, Regional Councilor for Health, Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence Municipality, Sara Funaro, Councilor for Education and Welfare in Florence Municipality, Alberto Zanobini , general manager of Meyer, Benedetta Fantugini, president of the Casa Marta Foundation and Luigi Salvadori, president of the CR Florence Foundation.

They are the ones who officially started the renovation work, symbolically cementing the first 3 bricks of the house.

The renovation. The ambitious renovation project of the building, located in Via Cosimo il Vecchio, is supported by the Casa Marta Foundation with contributions from the Cassa Risparmio Florence Foundation. The structure will be built inside the former Casa Benelli, provided by the Caritas Onlus Solidarity Foundation. AOU Meyer and the Regione Toscana are the main partners in the project

It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, beginning in 2024.

The heart of the project – which extends over 500 sqm – will be the housing units: truly independent studios, designed to create a comfortable and family environment, and equipped with common rooms, intended for support activities and coziness, such as a library, music room and a room for psychodrama . A large therapeutic garden of 930 square meters surrounds the entire structure and will be usable 365 days a year thanks to a bioclimatic pergola that runs along the perimeter of the building.

A house just like at home. Casa Marta will be the first pediatric hospice in the Tuscany region, the ideal bridge between the hospital and the home, intended for short stays of children with chronic-complex pathologies and incurable diseases. The facility will also be able to accommodate children in the most critical stages of the disease, offer the necessary medical and nursing assistance to guarantee the best possible quality of life and offer families adequate psychological support.

A stone’s throw from Meyer and functionally connected to the hospital, it will be a comfortable and family environment, but at the same time able to guarantee highly specialized care for young patients.

It is estimated that in Tuscany alone, around 4,000 children and young people suffering from complex or incurable diseases are entitled to palliative care: the aim of Casa Marta is to help respond to this urgent need, being the first specific place of residence for the small ones. them.

The new structure present in the regional health planning responds to the avant-garde national indications and will become the basic hub of the territorial network for the pediatric patient and a reference point for studies, research and clinical practice for university students in education. in pediatric palliative care.

The statements. “The laying of the first stone for Casa Marta is proof that the project is moving forward and that Tuscany will concretely be able to make use of an avant-garde structure, intended for children and their families – comments the President of the Eugenio Region Giani – It will be the first pediatric hospice in Tuscany, dedicated to children in need of palliative care and to the reception of their parents and family members in a comfortable environment for the best possible quality of life.

I am very proud of this project, which will make it possible to host children in the best possible way, even in the most critical phase of the disease, while offering appropriate psychological support to families in such a difficult time of trials. I thank all the main characters, who in close synergy continue to work to the utmost at all levels for the construction of this important structure “.

“It is another significant step forward for all children, for Meyer, for our healthcare system and for the entire Tuscan community – confirms the Councilor for the Right to Health Simone Bezzini – We welcome this further concrete action with satisfaction and feeling for the construction of the first regional pediatric hospice: a facility that is functionally close to and connected to Meyer Pediatric Hospital, with places suitable for children, adapted to the needs of highly qualified assistance and care, as well as functionally for the best possible welcome for families.

Casa Marta will also make it possible to promote study and research activities while promoting initiatives aimed at spreading a culture of pediatric palliative care. I thank with gratitude all the actors in this important project, especially the parents of little Marta, to whom the structure is dedicated. Marta will always be with us, we will not forget her “.

“With the laying of the first stone for the Casa Marta pediatric hospice, the city of Florence and Tuscany reaffirms the expertise that distinguishes them in the field of health care and pediatrics at national and international level – said Mayor Dario Nardella – this project, which sees the involvement of Meyer and the region of Tuscany and important urban realities, will offer hospitality to sick children in need of care, and their families. “” Florence is their home – continued the mayor – and with us we will remember this structure bearing the name Marta each day with a place where children who suffer and their parents will find the support they need “.

“Casa Marta is a dream that we have cultivated for years and which is finally coming true: a house dedicated to our daughter Marta and to the service of all children in our region, which shows that sometimes great things can be born of the greatest pain, “he explained to Benedetta Fantugini, president of the Casa Marta Foundation.

“It’s a moment of historic start for the regional pediatric hospice that will rise in the Meyer citadel: it represents a civilization’s achievement for children’s right to have groundbreaking standards of care, just when their lives are getting harder., In a context, there will be an example at an international level, ”commented Meyer Alberto Zanobini, Director General.

” The CR Florence Foundation – declares its President Luigi Salvadori – is proud to participate in this important intervention that follows our other important actions in palliative care.

Just a few days ago, we announced the birth in Florence of the first university master at the first level on the subject of palliative care and end of life promoted by the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine at the University of Florence along with our foundation and file, the Italian Foundation for Lene Therapy, to which we are particularly attached.

Its great engine and tireless promoter was in fact our Vice President Donatella Carmi, who died in October 2020, and one of the reference points of our institution. It is also in his memory that we join the other partners in the project, conscious of contributing to the birth of a new structure of expertise in the health sector, which is present in our territory and which is even more relevant because it will host children and their families ”.

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