At the Snapshot of Today, IED Design Show from IED Torino

Turin – L ‘European Institute of Design of Turin presents IED Design Show, a snapshot of todayan exhibition set up in the rooms of the historic IED Turin headquarters in via San Quintino 39, which will be open to the public

Turin – July 13 to September 30, 2022.

Turin – A narrative space that moves among the many expressive languages ​​and design disciplines that IED feeds with its teachings, lets young designers’ point of view and design development emerge, who between 20 and 25 years read – in the middle of their training – the complexity of the present and they confront each other through the design tools they acquire while experimenting.

The lecture hall, the classrooms, the laboratories, the offices, the posing rooms on the four floors of the department are populated by 137 works involving more than two hundred IED students, recent graduates and graduates from the courses design, fashion, art and visuals and communication, selected and chosen to tell the great creative and planning yeast that the school produces every day.

There is free admission.

The Geographies of the Self, The Others, Coexistence, Homesickness, Creating Worlds, Distances and Inside the Absurd are the titles of the exhibition’s 7 thematic sections, which, based on the deeper exploration of the self as the starting point for all conscious design journeys, lead through works of illustration, graphics , fashion design, photography, interior and product design, communication design and transportation design to open glimpses of today’s major issues.

The affirmation of any gender identity and training in empathy; the relationship with nature as a refuge, inspiration and resource to be preserved; the relationship to others between community building and various conditions of isolation; the feeling of belonging, typical of the domestic dimension; the surreal and ironic exploration of fantastic fantasies is the fil-rouge that runs along the exhibited artifacts, and which is expressed in an articulated series of formal results such as clothing, digital campaigns, photographic reports, interior projects, jewels, visual identities, new products , vehicle models, videos, illustrations.

On the one hand, we see the corporate portrait of a generation, on the other, we see the formation of professionals who, while questioning the world, make their own stimuli, methods and tools that instruct their creativity and accompany them to deepen the study and give substance to original design results.

The curators of the exhibition were handed over to Sara Fortunati, director of the Circolo del Design in Turin and Benedetta Lenzi, cultural director. The setup project is by Marilivia Minnici, Program Manager for Circolo del Design, in collaboration with a collective of students from the three-year courses in Interior Design, Graphic Design and Illustration. The coordinated image is the result of the creativity of Irene Scanavacca Francesca Piano and Patrick Ometto, students in illustration and graphic design, led by Sara Maragotto, coordinator of the illustration course.

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