… and if you are good, the school will take you on a reward trip …

Admittedly, the reaction of the ignorant keyboard lions will be unleashed, but we can not help but share in the extreme correctness, attention and education of the best children from the two comprehensive institutes. “Corrado Melone“By Ladispoli and”Don Lorenzo Milani“By Cerveteri who have received, but it is certainly not the first time, astonished compliments from guides, traders, especially foreign tourists, drivers who have declared that they have never seen such polite teenagers and in such large numbers all go on a prize trip to gratitude for their skill.

We all get annoyed when we walk around, over the screams, over the pushing … sometimes even over the violence perpetrated by children the same age as the children we teach at the two schools I lead. On the street, in the museums, in the restaurant, flocks of grasshoppers mixed with hordes of lansquenets, accompanied by at least distracted teachers who seem to be with them only by chance, observe none of the beauties that surround them. For them, being in front of a Colosseum or in front of a Mc Donald’s makes no difference. The training of these vandal hordes is a reflection of the training of their parents and of the teachers who may have trained them. However, if these uncivilized people are noticed as some of the users on social networks make ignorant comments, it is still good to remember that they are not the ones who represent the entire population.

As evidence, however, there is the love that the teachers of “Melone” and “Don Milani” have managed to instill in these our children, is clearly observable in the exemplary behavior and underlined by the compliments of all those who met our 100 boys. To begin with, they dread the arrival of a handful of sappers, only to be amazed at the kindness and education of these jewels, who are the best at school, who are not few and not even the only ones.

The purpose of these two schools’ activities is to show how attractive the school can be. We know that because of the messages from a particular type of television or social networking broadcast, acting is more important than being. This is the mirage of fate, into which the less educated fall, and instead of the tiring narrow and steep path follow the broad but deadly path of false knowledge; for example, simply reading the titles instead of the whole article or being convinced by captivating advertisements artfully packaged instead of listening to articulated reasons that are difficult to understand without instruction.
In the “everything and now” adolescence, it is necessary to immediately show the significance and the gain one has from studying. Conveys the message that studying is useful and beautiful, it manages to attract and retain children, especially those from the weaker classes, in school, remove them from the street and the light chimeras scattered on the network, eliminating the cultural disadvantage that still shares those who have the power of ordinary citizens, whose “culture” comes only from posts, the only messages which he can understand without difficulty and without being compelled to question his own ideas.
Showing that high valuations allow for immediate benefits points precisely in this direction. This is why every year the school’s best students see their application to study rewarded with a free tour that combines the cultural aspect that is always present in all educational activities, with the social and the playful. The assessment, which occurs in all Italian schools, is expressed in numerical evaluations from 1 to 10, based on the assessment of a team of about ten professional teachers, who observe them daily and verify their commitment, attention, respect for others. The years of the Covid 19 pandemic had prevented this initiative from being implemented for the best students of the academic year. 2019/2020, it was thus decided to recover and fulfill the unfulfilled promise, and therefore the 100 most deserving boys from “Melonen” and their colleagues from “Don Milani”, who received the same evaluation in early July, took on trip to the bottom Lazio to visit the Gothic monastery Fossanova, the mythological Montagna Spaccata and the wonderful Sperlonga Sea, where teachers and students happily enjoyed the turquoise waters of the Pontine Tyrrhenian Sea.
It was a great satisfaction to receive the astonished compliments from the affirmative guides who made me deal with such excellent polite, attentive and silent boys, but never so much as to see these smiling boys, marvel at Dr. Angelicus’ ideas, observe the “biographical” places in Fossanova or the arthritis of the Turkish or playing football in the water spraying, with diamond spray, their professors willing to accept the joke, which is in fact a demonstration of the devotion that binds them, it was a joy for the heart that only those who live and love the School can understand.
Riccardo Agresti, rector

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