all dates so as not to lose the € 500

That culture bonus allows who have reached the age of 18 to spend an amount of 500 euros to buy many products and services, including books, tickets to events, museums and courses.

It’s a “gift” from the state that incentive to spread culture among the youngest: each year, new adults are given the opportunity to request the contribution and use it for different types of expenses. This year, it’s up to those born in 2003 which starting in March has the opportunity sign up for the 18app platform to immediately start generating vouchers.

To request the contribution there are still two months left. In fact, the 2022 bonus was launched in March, and young people will be able to do so ask for the 500 euros until August. However, we must not forget also another important deadline which in turn has to do with the ability to use the amount to make purchases.

So let’s see until the culture bonus can be claimedhow to get it, what to do if they do lose your credentials to access the platform and what other deadlines to keep in mind so as not to miss it.

When the culture bonus for 2003 expires, the date is approaching: as long as you can apply

The culture bonus has now become structural. This means that from 2022 onwards, each year, those over the age of 18 can request 500 euros to purchase products or services related to cultural or training activities.

This year, it’s up to those born in 2003 to sign up for the 18app platform and start using the amount for their purchases in physical stores, but also online.

Since this is a bonus that only applies to new adults, it is clear that there are deadlines both for the request and for the use of the amount due. In particular:

the opportunity to request a cultural bonus expires on 31 August 2022: if the children on that date have not yet proceeded with the registration, it will no longer be possible to request the 500 euros.

Shortly said date August 31 is crucial not to lose the opportunity to spend the amount to choose from products and services in the list of allowed expenses.

Deadline for cultural bonus for 2003: what to do to register on the platform before August

Two months after the expiration of the culture bonus, there are still students who have not requested the contribution and are wondering what are all the steps to achieve it.

First of all, it must be said that to take advantage of the bonus it is necessary to have a digital identity. SPID, in fact, it is essential to be able to register and subsequently access the 18app platform. This can be accessed via a browser (this is not an application to download to your smartphone) and is through the app itself you can generate vouchers for purchases.

Basically, to get the culture bonus you need:

register on the platform> enter with SPID (or CIE)> view the electronic wallet> generate vouchers.

Those born in 2003 have the opportunity to buy various products or services, from books to music, from cinema tickets to tickets to events, music events, theaters, museums, but also courses. Moreover, with the culture bonus, it is also possible to buy school texts for the next school year.

Deadline for cultural bonus for 2003: what to do if you can no longer access the site

It may happen that even if you have requested the culture bonus, you will end up not being able to use it a few days after it expires because there is a problem accessing the platform. The most important thing is that this can happen when you lose your login information.

In order not to give up the 500 euros, it is always good to consider that recovery of credentials is always possibleand, if the recovery itself is not successful, you can choose to contact assistance in two ways:

or by calling the toll-free number 800.991.199 or the landline number 06.6723.2177 OR by sending an e-mail to

Before contacting support, the advice remains from try the SPID credential recovery procedure. This changes according to the selected identity provider, but in The FAQ section of the culture bonus There is a list of links to the recovery procedures for all identity administrators, so just consult it and click on it of interest to recover SPID.

There is another culture bonus deadline for 2003, which must not be forgotten

See when the request for the culture bonus expires, let’s see now another important deadline not to be forgotten so as not to risk losing the 500 euros.

In fact, if the children, as we have seen, have until 31 August 2022 to claim the cultural bonus, this date does not set the deadline for spending the full amount. Basically, you still have time, even after August, to move on.

From this point of view, it is important to remember another deadline:

February 28, 2023 is the deadline to use the bonus.

New adults who have applied for the bonus by 31 August they have until February next year to spend the full 500 euros. If it were not possible to spend the entire amount for next winter, the portfolio would be definitively reset and there would no longer be an opportunity to make purchases.

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