Vietri Sul Mare, ceramics school: delivery of coats for the 15 students

300 hours in the classroom, 60 dedicated to key competencies and 240 instead of an apprenticeship in the area’s artisan workshops with experiences side by side with ceramic master craftsmen. The education proposal is offered to the fifteen students who have been selected to have access to the teaching in Ceramic School by Vietri sul Mare. In the town hall in the municipality, led by the mayor Giovanni De Simonein the presence of all representatives of the parties who have worked together synergistically to launch this important training initiative, the first 15 participants in the course, who at the end of the course receive a professional qualification certificate, received from the hands of the regional councilor for training, Armida Filippelli, the coat , which officially gives them an important task: to become the first students at the School of Ceramics, who will be based in Palazzo Punzi as soon as the installation is completed, and waiting, at the branch in via Pellegrino dell ‘Marini Gioia School of Amalfi already temporarily accredited to host the teaching.

Great enthusiasm, this morning, for the delivery of the work coats, in the presence of all the representatives who made it possible to realize the initiative: the Campania region, the Cna of Salerno, the Academy of Fine Arts and Sviluppo Campania, who have entrusted the training program to educational institution Pform Group. “Today is a historic day for crafts and ceramics,” he said Armida Filippelli, which also reaffirms in the name of the President Vincenzo De Luca the commitment to give great prominence to what is not only an educational initiative but a project with major employment implications and even tourism promotion – We focus on quality education to support the huge and The famous heritage from Vietri sul Mare traditions with the aim of bringing this area of ​​our territory back to the highest levels with an appearance, a pollution and a comparison also with innovation ». The high quality of the proposed road and the local anchoring are also the two components that pushed the Academy of Fine Arts, represented at the press conference by the professor Rino Squillante to sign the Memorandum of Understanding that preceded the birth of the Ceramics School. Among the teachers, Professor Antonio Nello Valentino, Natalie Figliolia and Francesco Solimene assisted by Maestro Franco Raimondi for the internships that will then be conducted in the Vietri artisan workshops. Alfonso Esposito, CEO of Pform Group, explained at the press conference in detail the training system and the work environment.

“A result and a victory for the whole of southern Italy – said Mayor Giovanni De Simone – only in Faenza a similar reality, so we can only be proud of it”. Enthusiasm shared by his pottery councilor Daniele Benincasa, who reiterated the municipality’s commitment to making Palazzo Punzi available soon, and how important it is to include new generations of potters in the sector. Great satisfaction for the CNA in Salerno: President Lucio Ronca confirmed the move: “today a circle is closed due to the overcoming of any difficulty in reaching here, and a significant path has been started for the relaunch of the craft: we entrust our dream and the future of pottery in the hands of these guys “. The President of the Budget Commission of the Campania region, Franco Picarone, also attended the conference, which expressed his interest in making the initiative a stable point for the sector and planning the next steps. These are the names of the students: Debora Basile, Luca Bisogno, Alfonso Calenda, Silvia Cammarota, Silvana Caputo, Federica Flora Chirico, Valentina Corsuto, Andrea Estefania Flores Crespo, Alfonso D’antuono, Lucia Di Laura, Maria Mazzamurro, Alessandra Merenda, Colomba Rosaria Starace, Sonia Tramontano, MariaNicole Velardo.

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