Today 100 fires in Lazio, hell in Rome: fire threatens the houses in Enna

Many fires has flared up in Italy today, thanks to the heat that continues to grip the center-south and the widespread drought that is making the areas dry. It was another hell of a day too Rome and for Lazio in general, where they only took place today 100 fire events. There are 300 regional civil protection teams operating throughout the region. In particular, 3 Civil Protection Helicopters have since this morning been in the process of extinguishing the fire that is hitting Balduina / Pineta Sacchetti areato which it was necessary to evacuate retirement homes and homes (see photo of the shooting gallery above).

The wind prevented the extinguishing work, but at the moment it seems that the fire is about to subside. The fire created great fear among the residents who fled from houses threatened by flames. A column of smoke is visible in large parts of northern Rome, and a ‘rain’ of ash and soot has been reported as far as the city center and in other districts such as Nomentana, Talenti and Balduina. The flames licked the area around the Valle Aurelia railway station: some houses were evacuated in via delle Ceramiche and via Papiniano. The Rome-Viterbo railway has been closed, between Valle Aurelia and Vigna Clara. According to fire department reports, an institute of nuns was also evacuated via Albergotti as a precaution when the fire touched gas cylinders.

Around the rain 50 hectares land in Pineto Park has been hit by the fire: at the moment, it is difficult to quantify the damage, but the entire pine forest park has been destroyed. The fire also involved part of the Monte Ciocci reservation. Seven fire brigades are at work from kl. air vehicles are also in action.

Flames also one Montespaccato, the northwestern outskirts of Rome. Especially in Via Montpellier, some cars were affected, while some houses in Via Nazareth were evacuated due to the proximity of the flames. In via Neroni, on the other hand, some huts went up in flames.

“Generally compared to the same period last year (June 15-July 3, 2022), we had 1,750 interventions against 400 in 2021; 300 hours of regional helicopter flight over 30 hours last year (June 15-July 3); tripled interventions and fires (15 June-3 July) “, civil protection in Lazio communicates in a note.

The horrific images of the maxi fire in northern Rome | VIDEO

Fire in Enna: threatens the city center

Early in the afternoon a large flare up fire on the slopes of Enna, where there are numerous houses, which rise on the slope of Monte Cantina, at the height of via dello Stadio, in the heart of the city. The front started from the Papardura reserve, and driven by the strong wind, it spread quickly. The residents of the area immediately left their houses also due to the thick smoke, as well as the flames in many cases very close to the villas in the area. The fire brigade intervenes on the spot and also calls in all available teams from other municipalities.

A helicopter also intervened while the teams of civil protection volunteers and the traffic police are at work from the ground, limiting transit on via the dello Stadio, where the flames have already arrived while the road to Monte Cantina has been closed.

Based on the analysis of data from NASA satellites, Legambiente Enna meanwhile estimates that the surface covered by the fire that broke out between Enna, Piazza Armerina and Aidone in the last 24 hours is between 600 and 700 hectares, most of which within for protected areas.

27 fires and over 16 hectares of smoke in Sardinia

I am 27 fires that have broken out within the last 24 hours in Sardinia, which causes a total of over 16 hectares of land to go up in smoke. Among the main events, those for which the intervention of the regional navy helicopters was necessary, the burning in Orgosolo (Nuoro) in Riu Coda and Serra, with the flames covering an area of ​​about 9.6 hectares. However, 6.4 hectares of bare pasture burned in Ortacesus (Southern Sardinia), in Mitza s’Orru. Other fires were extinguished by helicopters in Gallura in Trinità d’Agultu, where 500 images of retro dune vegetation went up in smoke, in Ozieri (Nuoro) and Uras (Oristano).

Flames on over 200 hectares of forest in Puglia

The fire, which started early in the afternoon in the Spinazzola area in the northern part of Bari, burned over 200 hectares. On the spot, in addition to about forty units from the fire department, Arif, civil protection, forestry Carabinieri and volunteers, another Canadair from Ciampino arrived for water launches. The fire front also extends to San Marco in Lamis, where the burnt surface reached 20 acres. Also the forest in Castelnuovo della Daunia (Foggia) is burning, where more than twenty hectares have gone up in smoke. Flying over the area, there is also a fire chief who took off from Grottaglie, who so far has made three launches.

Today 17 requests for air intervention

Today, the crews of Canadair and the State Air Fleet helicopters, coordinated by the Department of Civil Protection, were engaged from the first light of day in the operations to put out the numerous forest fires for which air support was essential to the operations carried out by teams on the ground.

According to the data available at. 18.00, there are 17 requests for air competition received by the Unified Air Operational Center (COAU) in the department, of which 5 each from Sicily and Lazio, 4 from Calabria, 2 from Puglia and one from Veneto.

The intense work performed by the aircraft pilots has made it possible to put control over or extinguish 5 fires so far. The activities of deferring water and retardant and extinguishing liquid will continue as long as the lighting conditions allow safe operation.

Finally, it is useful to keep in mind that most forest fires are caused by superficial or often malicious behavior, and that citizens’ cooperation can be crucial for immediate reporting to the fire service’s emergency number 115 or, where it is activated, at single emergency number 112 also the first signs of a possible forest fire. By providing as accurate information as possible, it makes a significant contribution to limiting damage to the environment so that those who have to work on the fire can intervene quickly before the fire increases in strength and destructiveness.

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