The drought? Another emergency that will deprive the rights

After covid and the war in Ukraine, smallpox and drought await. An endless series of plagues in Egypt this time inflicted by the “god of money”. From predatory financial capitalism that has conquered the executive in many Western countries.

As they called a pandemic a health system that was first reduced to collapse and then made it fail to favor the multinational drug companies, so these days they call drought a failed system of regimentation, collection and distribution of public water, never strategically designed, never maintained networks. An organized failure to shout at the emergency and favor private companies that will soon privatize water to help a deliberately disorganized state, despite the fact that the people have spoken out against it.

The goal is to charge ourselves for the shower. But it will be a modest and reasonable amount: one euro, which we will all accept in the best name on the planet. Just like it was in the past when we managed to get us to pay for the drinking water that came fresh, healthy and free from the taps in Italian homes. It all started with poor management of public aqueducts (now almost all outsourced) and then came the inability to manage the networks with the consequent abolition of public fountains and timeration of the water supply that made the citizens accumulate water in the tanks. . With these criticisms, the water was no longer drinkable because it was forced to collect it in the asbestos tanks, and therefore they began selling drinking water first in aluminum packages and then in plastic bottles, never degradable, of PVC or PET. , as if stored in the sun (which happens on time) become really harmful to health. In less than half a century, their water business has spawned a planet of plastic floating in the oceans that no one hesitates to remove. I wonder why?

The store with water

The paradox is that the water from the aqueducts today is healthier than bottled water, but now we have become accustomed to buying bottled water, driven by a deadly advertising bombardment.

They have given all public sources in concession at ridiculous prices to multinational companies that bottle the water we buy in supermarkets and favor them stratospheric earnings. Public lease concessions granted to private individuals to draw water from public sources. Because the water, wherever it is found, in the open or karst, is public property. Unmanageable private earnings, while microscopic crumbs only reach the state through royalties of the concessions. It is estimated that with a tenth of the concessionaires’ profits, the entire Italian water network could be repaired and drinking water supplied to all homes 24 hours a day.

This whole scenario is favored and applauded by one humus feeling manipulated, accepting the idea of ​​limitations and costs in the name of a new ecology that sacrifices human primary rights on the altar of a new god: “green god“. A god who is so frightening that it makes us imagine that it is right to be allowed to breathe freely and drink under our biological needs.

To save the planet, you have to risk dehydration, as for covid, to save your life you are no longer living. Is it possible that no one notices this obvious heterogeneity of goals? Is it possible that no one wonders if there is no other solution that brings human biological needs in balance with nature, like the basis of true ecology?

Instead, we are swapping for a new one “gretino” ecology which fetishes all that is natural through the now overtly instrumental narrative of the catastrophe which fromlucrative emergency leads us to one anti-human planetary totalitarianism. All conveyed through a sophisticated propaganda that mainly manipulates the younger generations, who are now devoid of cultural references and therefore reactivity. It is the younger ones who become more and more fanatical proponents of the restrictions of freedom: a kind of Orwellian nightmare that everyone pleases, unconsciously or hypocritically, as the case may be.

Emergencies and fanaticism

Climate disaster is the tool that strongly supports the fanaticism of this new transnational regime with an acceptable and flattering face, but which is expressed with an oxymoron, intolerant ecological goodness.

We are surrounded by a false post-ideological ideal called “green thinking”, almost mysterious, certainly childish, which brings together all the remnants of the many variables in New age: from weak thinking to nihilism. Good and vague intentions fell with an extremist fanaticism that takes us far back, up to some mass manipulations of the last century that have made whole people identify themselves in violent dictatorships without full consciousness, but only for a well-orchestrated drag -effect.

We are moving from Khmer Rouge to Khmer Green.

This iron ideological operation in times of “Fr.liquid aura “ in Bauman’s words, strongly supported by the globalist power of multinationals, precisely what has been the cause of environmental disasters for the last 50 years. It’s like making friends with the enemy, like sharing a prison escape plan with the torturer.

Thus, a new intolerant and unscientific ecologicalism is taking shape, only sloganistic and suggestive, which in facts and projects turns out to be inconclusive and abstract. It only seems to be the common denominator of a new globalized conformism that is irreconcilable to those who protest and argues for any other point of view.

A green fanaticism, ecumenical by pointing out the culprits behind the unstoppable environmental catastrophe, which does not provide concrete strategies and, strangely enough, does not make detailed accusations or specify precise responsibilities.

More than being decisive, it seems to prepare us for an aporistic resignation, which is a prelude to a further subtraction of rights and freedoms accepted by all to achieve a luminous eco-friendly purpose with vague and suspicious profiles, after being artfully constructed a false joint. interest, a just cause., a fear unanimously recognized as concrete. Like they did with covid.

Beware of the new messiahs

But do we really believe that all powerful people see the new messiah in a little girl?

We will soon see that the new drought emergency situation will not be handled as it should be, in a systemic and structural way for a final solution, but will work to worsen it and limit the water supply – just like the limited health services during covid – the health crisis – by not building new dams and new collection systems, by not intervening in a maintenance program of the distribution networks, which eliminates the spread of water, today testified to the unlikely share of 60%. Certainly no laws will be passed requiring permeabilization of the soil in the new anthropized areas and drainage of already cemented soils, in order to graze the groundwater reservoirs and reduce the relentless flow of rivers to have currents of constant and slow flow.

Instead, we will only see privatizations of water services, which will be worse than the expected crisis. The worst than the evil remedies imposed by Europe accepted with stupid enthusiasm by the whole complacent and sociable political class with applause from young ecological fanatics who at that time due to the Stockholm syndrome will continue to be on the side of the executioner.

There will also be pseudo-scientists who, without limitation, will support the harmful solutions and any theory, even the most bizarre and harmful, aimed at the indescribable purpose of multinational corporations, just to be prosaically satisfied with them. Slavic science will return to the desires of the new hyper-capitalist world order, eventually the only channel that finances everything publicly and therefore keeps it.

Transhuman ecology and functional ecology

The transhuman ecology, which has nothing to do with ecology, is only functional for the acceptance of a planetary government that pretends to have the protection of humanity and the planet at heart, but which effectively aims to undermine the sovereignty of nation states and people’s self-determination. and communities. All this will be allowed in the name ofGreta’s ecology.

The financial power pleases them by swearing to them that it wants to save the planet, but in reality, by using their empty fanaticism, it wants to destroy all the secular civilizations that have humanitarian and non-capitalist cultural foundations. Democratic nations that they want to impose on their silent globalist power that pretends to make use of an ideology like this“gretino” ecology to convey it with a manipulative propaganda that has all the media totally tuned and integrated like a big megaphone.

Of this new ecology New age the structure of opinion escapes, but one can clearly perceive the Manic confusion manipulated by those who have produced the failures and continue to pollute the planet: the globalist and technocapitalist multinationals.

These people pretend to want to protect the planet in order to have the viaticum go against the protection of people’s rights.

Fighting environmental pollution means favoring local agriculture, focusing on clean energy, conversely filling the world with pesticides (La Monsanto homologates agricultural production worldwide) and has invented the ecological transition only to transit nuclear and methane in the near future instead of solar and hydrogen.

All this he had long ago sensed and condemned Philippe Muraythe French author defined as “anti-modern”: “freedom has never been more hated. I know very well that life in society sets limits. But the lies from those who want to increase them further with new laws, and their ability to hectically manipulate everything, numbers, statistics, news, etc. they become disturbing“.

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