the audit body reprimands the municipality

Cassette Pater of Acilia, the 300 lots of Mussolini origin in via dei Monti di S.Paolo, have long been inabandonment and they are now a case for public administration. The ordinary never respected its statutory sales plan, which should have happened since 1951 and which over time has caused property damage at X City Hall. The technical maintenance interventions for the handling of the Cassette have not been met and now we have to run in cover. In an articulated study conducted by Labur, it is possible to go back to all the problems associated with the Casette di Acilia and to what is left of them.

The municipality must embark on the disposal of the Cassette Priest from time immemorial and recognize the administrative decisions

The audit body, in opinion of 10 January 2022 (prot. n.RQ / 446) on the budget of the municipality of Rome 2022-2024 prescribes “The plan for the sale of real estate and improvements contained in the DUP do not contain the content required by law” and renewed the invitation to ” Prepare a specific programming and implementation of the same, continue with the recognition, on the basis and within the limits of the existing documentation in its archives, of the immovable property owned by the entity, identify those that are not instrumental and / or strategic for the performance of its institutional functions and susceptible to valuation or disposal, quantify their value and valuation / alienation methods “.

It all happens in the context of plan for rationalization and streamlining of the economy of the City of Rome – management program for state-owned properties and assets – and the operational goal has been re-introduced, as for several years now (code 14.a.LA.0105.10) with the name “alienation Casette Pater Acilia”;

This sales plan covers the properties identified in GM Resolutions Nos 3406 of 16.04.1985, n. 1569 of 24/03/1987 and n. 6722 of 15/10/1990, ie the areas and buildings of Acilia (Monti di San Paolo area), the selling price of which has not yet been determined by a specific provision.

“Casette Pater” was handed over to the Autonomous Institute of Employees’ Homes in the Municipality of Rome. that the acquirers of the individual plots, included in special lists, rented the individual plot on which the single “Casetta Pater” was built

Then, after the events of the war with Resolution 2076 of 20 July 1945, the municipal council handed over the leadership of “Casette Pater” to Section II. (Patrimonial Assets) with the task of taking over the buildings using, for all formalities of a technical nature in connection with the aforementioned management, the work in the Lido District or the current X Municipality

Subsequently with the municipal council’s decision n.1310 of 21 February 1984, subsequently confirmed by the City Council Act n.930 of March 1984, a special commission “Casette Pater” was set up and in the 1960s sales were temporarily suspended pending the new city plan

And finally, in 2005 and in the following years, the expressions of interest from those entitled to buy the land with a “Casetta Pater” were built on it collected by the municipality of Rome.

It comes to today

After 14 years from the approval of the new city plan for the municipality of Rome (City Council Resolution No. 18 of 11 / 12.02.2008), there is no longer any urban motivation to suspend the sale of “Casette Pater”, already defined in detail by several administrative measures, and there are numerous expressions of interest in purchasing the individual lots of the eligible

Moreover, due to the initial formation of rights acquired by private, the public housing building in no way affects the issue but it has only an equity and economic value.

The current problem is that due to the total absence for over 60 years of technical intervention (ordinary and extraordinary maintenance) of Rome Municipality, the current owner, there is a very serious depreciation on “Casette Pater” and the municipality has not implemented its own management power over the houses themselves.

For this reason, the competent offices indicated among the recipients of this application are requested immediately to verify the completeness of all necessary administrative actions in order to: achieve before the date of entry into force on 30 September 2022 the operational objective (code 14.a.LA.0105.10) called “sale of Casette Pater Acilia” thanks to the calculation of the selling price of each lot submitted for acceptance by those entitled who have already expressed an interest in the purchase. Provided to involve the judicial authorities competent in the case and to provide all necessary additions. is on Google News:
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Acilia, working on via dei Romagnoli: construction site at night

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