Teslas now recognize holes and green lights

Tesla has recently released a new one software update for their electric cars, also including a few new features that aim to make some unpleasant situations a thing of the past. The reference goes especially on the street full of holes – that Italian users know well – and distracted drivers al stoplight.

Tesla against holes: adjust the suspension to avoid damage

The first news – at least on paper – is very promising: according to the release notes fromupdate 2022.20a new feature will allow Tesla vehicles to scan the road surface in front of the car to recognize any gaps present and of firm consequently the suspension of the car. In theory, this news should allow drivers to keep their cars safe from accidental damage to the undercarriage due to the presence of gaps that cannot be immediately identified and avoided.

Owners of Tesla cars with adjustable suspension – such as the new Model S and Model X – can activate the new feature described by selecting the “Comfort” item in the settings Adaptive suspension damping (Operation> Suspension>). As promising as the news sounds, there is one reservation to report to avoid misunderstandings: the availability of the feature may depend on the distance traveledthis means that your Tesla will not be able to recognize all holes on all roads (in the release notes reported by Not a Tesla app we read literally that “This adjustment may occur in different locations, depending on availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla cars“).

Beyond this limitation, it must be said that the novelty does not apply to Autopilot or Full-Self Driving modes, in the sense that the vehicle will not attempt to steer to autonomously avoid gaps. A few years ago, when a user asked about the possibility of Tesla making a map of every street complete with stop signs in the future, holes and everything else for the benefit of the other owners of vehicles of the same brand, Elon Musk had the answer with a laconic Yes, however, the time is apparently not yet ripe for such news. In any case, automatic suspension adjustment in the presence of holes is not exactly a minor news.

Stop distractions at traffic lights with the new acoustic signal

The other interesting news in the update recently released by Tesla is actually good news, especially for other road users. Officially named “Green light signal”, The function simply consists – but not too much – of an acoustic signal that is emitted when the traffic light where you are standing in line turns green.

In short, a piece of news that promises to be useful to all users who are usually distracted at traffic lights – most of the time to pay more attention to the smartphone screen than on the road – and ends up blocking traffic and annoying occupants of other vehicles in queue. The following image reported by Not a Tesla app depicts the new addition in speech.

The good news, however, is accompanied by a bad one in terms of accessibility: the new function of the acoustic signal when the traffic light turns green will only be able to be used on vehicles with version 3.0 of Tesla’s built-in computer, also known as a self-driving computer. On the other hand, the presence of that function on your vehicle does not even justify the driver’s distraction, the liability of which is also clearly emphasized in the release notes (“Note: This bell is designed as a notification only. It is the driver’s responsibility to observe his environment and make decisions accordingly“).

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