«School Film – Cinedù» is back, starting with the review dedicated to children

Celebrate an important birthday ‘School Film – Cnedù», The film festival dedicated to the Scholastic Institutes conceived by Enza Ruggiero. Ten years of activity involving thousands of school children, confirming itself as a point of reference for the Campania region and southern Italy. The final of the tenth edition, which enjoys the extraordinary protection of the Senate of the Italian Republic, will be presented at a press conference on Thursday, July 7, 2022 at. 10.30 at Salone Bottiglieri in Salerno province. An anniversary that would like to be celebrated emotions , chosen as the main theme of the 2022 edition, as a hymn to life reborn, which explodes, after the two-year pandemic, with distancing, of restrictive measures. The art of film thus returns to school, in the first year of returning to face-to-face teaching. “School Film – Cinedù” is in fact a great celebration of amalgamation, of beauty, of emotions above all, unfolded during the school year to give the young students of the Primary and Secondary School of I-grade the opportunity to transform into actors, directors, writers, film photographers and being able to express themselves and their world through complex topics such as bullying or cyberbullying, happiness, dreams, joy, revisited through the film camera.

In this edition, more than 3,000 children are the absolute protagonists of the project, actors and creators of the story of the small and captivating film, with more than 150 produced videos, with the participation not only of the municipalities of all 5 provinces of Campania, but also expand to Basilicata and Calabria. “I’m very happy and content to cut the ribbon of the tenth edition of ‘School Film – Cinedù’ – begins creator Enza Ruggiero – When it all started ten years ago, we would never have imagined it growing year after year, in enthusiasm, passion, emotion, attachment to the project and devotion, not only from the whole team, but from all those who supported us and believed in the value of School Film Cineñù, starting with the municipalities, some of whom knew us in our beginning, and they never left us. We met others along the way, with an exponential increase in the number of participants. “A success decreed by the determination and passion of the entire work team:” School film – Cinedù is a team game – insists Enza Ruggiero – Among all I want would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to Nicola Surace, side by side in this project for 8 years: with his professionalism he manages to make all the shorts amazing. The first edition will always remain indelible because it, as it happens with the first love, will never be forgotten, but the subsequent ones were also all incredible. Last year we experienced a unique feeling at the temples of Paestum, this year we will try to surpass ourselves, with the same commitment to give children a memorable version, full of wonder, of dreams. We want to create a magical moment that remains among the best memories. School is also creativity, it is cinema, it is magic as well as training, because it teaches and offers children the tools to build their dreams, their future, their lives, and we try to be a part of it. Thanks to Franco Alfieri, Mayor of Capaccio Paestum, an administrator who has always been close to us and who will host us for the tenth edition ».

«School films are now a fixed agreement in the summer by Capaccio Paestum – confirms the mayor Franco Alfieri – It is with pleasure that we again hold an event that has become a point of reference for schools in different regions, no longer only in Campania, and for many young students who through it have the opportunity to get involved in giving out to their creativity. We strongly support this initiative, also because it is an important opportunity to differentiate the offer of our summer and dedicate happy moments with gathering and leisure for children. On July 7, 2022, the program for the grand finale will be made official at the press conference, which will take place over two days, July 12 and 13, in the archeological site of the Paestum temples, amidst surprises and guest stars, for the delivery of «Cinedù School Movie Awaards», the prizes awarded by the jury for the best short films made by primary school children and first-class high school children. School film – Cinedù is also sustainability, with the special award dedicated to the place against food waste. The institutional representatives, the mayors of the network and some children representing the classes in the final will speak at the press conference and talk about the feelings and experience with Skolefilm. In particular, the President of the Province of Salerno Michele Strianese, the Director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum Tiziana D’Angelo, the Mayor of Capaccio Paestum Franco Alfieri, the Director of the Banco Alimentare Campania Roberto Tuorto, the partner McDonald’s Provinces of Salerno and Potenza Luigi, will be present Snichelotto creator Enza Ruggiero. The moderation of the meeting will be handed over to the journalist and presenter Rosaria Sica.

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