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The first victory of his career Carlos Sainz it has all the characteristics of the race to remember: it arrived after a very long wait (150GP), on a legendary track like the one in Silverstone and at the wheel of the most iconic single seats of all: the Ferrari. But the Spaniard’s success on English soil was also filled with polemics and polemics. According to many red fans and just as many opinion leaders, it was actually the ‘wrong Ferrari’ that won. For the entire GP, Charles Leclerc, who appeared for this GP in third place in the overall standings and with 24 points more than Sainz, seemed faster than the Spaniard. On several occasions, the native of the Principality has made it clear in the radio messages that he wants to receive his way from Sainz – which also took place in the central phase of the race – but to definitely stop the ambitions with the red # 16, the strategy of the pit wall was red when Safety Car drives onto the track.

On that occasion, Ferrari’s strategists actually chose to to keep Leclerc on track and bring Sainz back, fitting the new soft tires from Madrid. Ferrari then tried to somehow ‘compensate’ Leclerc by asking Sainz to act as a ‘stop’ and put ten cars at a distance between himself and his teammate at the restart – a maneuver allowed under the regulation but very close at the border, given that in addition to the ten cars away, a penalty would have been taken – but in this case, the # 55 won decisively. From the radio communication that follows, this property emerges: a greater conviction of Sainz, compared to Leclerc, by imposing on the strategies proposed by the team and also by disregarding them. A feature that had also appeared in Monte Carlo, and which in this case provided Sainz with the victory.

Round 18-20 / 52 – Sainz is in the lead after Verstappen’s problem, where Leclerc pushes behind him
Adami: “Goal lap time 32.9. 32.9. Hamilton does this time ”.
Sainz: “Received. I will get there as soon as the battery recovers”.
Adami: “Received”.
Adami: “Good trip. You’re at Hamilton times. Keep pushing “.
Adami: “You have to push harder. You have to push harder. Hamilton will be 32.9 “.
Sainz: “I’m pushing. Okay “.
Adami: “You have to push harder if you can. Head down “.
Sainz: “Received”.
Adami: “You have to push, you have to push”.
Sainz: “Ricky, don’t tell me yet”.
Adami: “Okay”.
Adami: “Box Carlos, box”.

Round 29-30 / 52 – From the team comes an indication to let Leclerc take the lead
Adami: “Goal lapse time 32.1”.
Sainz: “Received”.
Adami: “You must reach the goal for lap time. 32.1. 32.1 “.
Sainz: “Received”.
Adami: “Goal lapse time 32.2. Otherwise, we will turn the machines around. “
Sainz: “Okay. One more round”.
Adami: “This is not good enough. Let’s turn the machines around ”.
Sainz: “Received”.
Adami: “We do it in round 6”.

Round 34/52 – Sainz suggests a defensive tactic for the final part of the race
Sainz: “Okay: think about this for later. If Charles leaves me DRS, there’s no way Hamilton will overtake me.”
Adami: “Received”.
Sainz: “And I can defend. For him”.
Adami: “Ok, understood”.

Giro 39-42 / 52 – Entrance to Safety Car
Adami: “Ocon stopped before turn 9”.
Adami: “Box, box”.
Sainz: “Received”.
Adami: “Hamilton comes from behind”.
Adami: “Hamilton on the soft back. Save fuel “.
Adami: “[…] The priority is to defend Hamilton backwards with the soft. And let’s see what happens “.
Sainz: “No I mean, is gasoline or tires a priority?”.
Adami: “Priority … we should be ok at the end of this round”.
Sainz: “Boys, I want to be a lot faster than Charles”.
Adami: “Received”.
Sainz: “Is tires a priority?”
Adami: “Yes, I am. Fine with gasoline. You can go to the end”.
Adami: “SC is part of this round. The instructions are to leave 10 cars away from Charles, a respite. Within 10 machines, within 10 Carlos machines ”.
Sainz: “But boys, I’m under pressure from Hamilton! Please do not ask me about these things. Please. Please! I would say stop inventing. Stop inventing. I’m under pressure guys. Believe me, there is more to lose this way ”.
Adami: “Ok, understood”.

End of the race
Adami: “Wowowow. Vamos. Good work”.
Sainz: “We did it! Yep! We did it! Yep! Vamos!”
Binotto: “Bravo Carlos!”.
Adami: “Hamilton went after the fastest lap in 30.5. The last round. You did your best. Mega race “.
Sainz: “Yes, he can keep it. I do not care”.
Binotto: “A beautiful and well-deserved race Carlos. I am very happy for you” [in italiano]
Sainz: “Thank you Mattia. Thank you. I did everything I could, thank you. Also for the team “.


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