On the PNRR school project … And trust was! … And so it must be!

The Executive Order no. 36 of 30 April 2022 on the implementation of the national recovery and resistance plan was finally approved on 28 June by the Chamber of Deputies after receiving the Senate’s approval. Using the term “approved” is now a euphemism, if only the parliamentary process is reconstructed, an empty ritual, impoverished precisely by the blackmail of trust.

The decree intervenes in several areas, from the labor market, to the environment, to the judiciary, but Minister Bianchi has been careful not to reveal the innovations included in the school: no involvement of teachers, trade unions, trade unions and even the Culture and Education Commission in the Chamber of Deputies, which did not have the opportunity to see it before the presentation. Protests and raised voices from everyone, but it is better to find out the cards as late as possible when there will be a few days to convert to law and it will be difficult to discuss and change anything by setting aside the necessary time and attention to it.

A unitary model for qualification and access to the role is being introduced for new teachers, a reform that had been expected for some time, given the huge number of substitutes held by the Italian school each year. From now on, the teaching career will involve a long and obstacle course, so much so that it deters even the most prepared of future graduates. To the three-year and master’s programs (3 + 2) must be added a qualifying course of 60 CFU (credits), which are administered by public or private universities or by educational institutions, even (and often) for a fee. Once the qualification is acquired, it will be possible to access the coveted competition, provided there are chairs available, but the winners must complete a trial year in service, with a final test and final evaluation of the school. Provided they survive this force tourlet’s ask ourselves whether it will be worth spending 7-8 years or more trying to take a profession that, with data in hand, keeps wages below the average for the public sector and among the lowest in Europe.

The second change envisaged by the decree concerns a new system of permanent training, on a voluntary basis for permanent teachers, but mandatory for new staff lasting three years, organized and managed by a “High School”, specially set up by the Ministry in collaboration with I.nvalsi andIndire. And here the imagination of those who (unfortunately we do not know) devised this reform seems to be inspired by the old but always current Goosebumps. So let’s imagine moving between the boxes in the game that correspond to the training areas, carefully selected by the officials of the higher education school: the teachers starting the course will undergo annual intermediate checks to continue until the third year, when they have to take several final exams, based on indicators set by the higher education school, in addition to an evaluation of the work performed in the service. But what will happen if they are not overcome? Do you stop for a walk, or do you go back to the starting position to restart the course? On the other hand, in this first phase, no remuneration is provided for the hours set aside for training; PNRR’s resources will in fact be earmarked to fund Higher Education School with an annual expenditure of 2 million euros until 2026, and from the year 2027 with the proceeds from a cut in the workforce, justified by the forecast of a demographic decline in the near future.

Only survivors who manage to complete the education with a completely positive assessment will be able to receive supplements one time amount (financed by the reduction of 10,000 chairs) “within the expenditure limits set by the Ministry”. And who, despite having passed with full character, will not be included in the budget set aside by the ministry? Will he have to return to starting place and try a new three-year training period again, hoping to make it before retiring? Only time will tell, but this game certainly does not seem to be a good precondition for encouraging teachers and administrative staff to train, as the decree also contains the same procedures for them. The Minister recently stated that he wanted to “train” (the term says a lot about the meaning he shows he has for the teacher class) teachers with digital education, forgetting how the teachers during the pandemic managed the school thanks to an immediate I – education on digital media and to the much-maligned distance learning that made it possible to complete the school year. Yet he headed the expert commission that flanked Minister Azzolina!

As if the reforms that hit the Italian school with each new semester were not enough, we are thinking of cutting back on chairs and deducting additional resources instead of reducing the number of students crammed into “chicken farm classes”, something which the pandemic has dramatically highlighted. In conclusion, no new means, but a reform that finances itself by degrading the lives of teachers and students. And for the new contract, which has expired for several years, there are still scarce resources, which are around 50 euros a month.

This irreversible reform will again and again hit the school world, which will risk losing young graduates on the street less and less attracted to a long and cumbersome recruitment, with centralized education and lowered from above, which will not take into account the needs of schools and teachers with a irrational and unfair evaluation system that will create competition and further stress among teachers.

Everything our school did not need is contained in Decree 36, transformed into Act 79 by a now silent and tame Parliament.

Attempts to amend some aspects of the decree with changes that are often insignificant have violated the dictate imposed on the PNRR by the government; even more pathetic are the declarations of vote by the various parliamentary groups, which, after expressing the most imaginative critique of the decree, with some exceptions, have declared a vote of confidence. And so it must be!

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