Naples inaugurated the renovated spaces of the former Ponticelli school: “So sport is accessible to all”

Not even time to cut the cord of the inauguration that some very young people in the area have already “invaded” the restored sites in multifunctional dedicated to the memory of the Ciro Colonna. The boys begin with curiosity to observe the wall, equipped to climb. Dreaming of practicing as soon as possible the “ascent” that plunges them from the wall into a vortex of redemption, through the precious teachings of the sport, which today involve the entire eastern suburbs.

To restore sociality after the dark times of the pandemic and at the same time have free access to various sports activities. Therefore, focus on urban renewal to create places of constructive aggregation: as the multifunctional center born in the former school via Curzio Malaparte in the populous district is today Jumpers. These are the commendable goals that SCINN project. The network, born of the NEA Association (Napoli Europe Africa), supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation, promoted together with various associations, schools and Naples Municipality, thanks to which some rooms at the former institute in East Naples have returned to usable after complex works that have just been completed. As fitness center that a parquet, which you can even see yourself on and the changing rooms with a lot of newly renovated toilets, in addition to the new baskets for basketball, has also got a brand new climbing wall, created by the association UISP Napoli. While in the polished outdoor areas of the multifunction facility, volunteers and activists from the Terra di Confine and Aste & Nodi associations have added other equipment for 360-degree sports.

“Within the project – he says Annarita Cardarelli by the NEA Naples Europe Africa Association and contact person for the SCINN project – we managed to renovate the gym in the Ciro Colonna center in Ponticelli and regenerate the outdoor spaces. We are also planning the urban renewal of Ciro Colonna Square in the nearby Lotto zero“.

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“Thanks to the CON IL SUD Foundation and the commitment of the entire network – explains Cardarelli – we have given back to children, young people and families in the eastern part of Naples a place where they can practice sports in safetycreating relationships and alternatives to the street “. In fact, it is enough to see the euphoria, mixed with joy and wonder, at the astonished glances of the smaller citizens in these neighborhoods. The same who have long participated in the various activities animated by the associative network SCINN – led by the association NEA Napoli Europa Africa and partners with Nuova Polisportiva Ponticelli, Maestri di Strada, Arci Movie Napoli, AP Partenope Rugby, Aste & Nodi UISP associations, Naples, Terra di Confine, Naples municipality, the extensive Russo-Solimena and Marino Santa Rosa Schools and Don Milani High School.

From next fall, thanks to the new places that have returned to society today, other courses with completely free sports activities will be launched at the same time, such as: football, volleyball and basketball. The same also includes the sports visit and insurance for the participants. For information and subscriptions to sports, you can contact 327 17 15 898 (mobile and WhatsApp) or write an e-mail to

“We’re getting to the heart of this beautiful project that will give the Ponticelli boys some space to meet and grow together, but above all it will give them the very important opportunity to play sports.” have explained Carlo BorgomeoChairman of the CON IL SUD Foundation, emphasizing that “sports activity is a powerful tool, not only for social cohesion but also for legality”.

“We are convinced of that – clarifies Borgomeo, who intervened remotely at today’s inauguration of the rooms, in which also the representatives of the promoting associations participated, together with Lucia Fortinicouncilor for school, social and youth policies in the Campania region, the municipal council for welfare, Luca Trapanese (also remotely connected), Marisa Espositochairman of the association NEA Napoli Europa Africa, leader of SCINN, Annarita Cardarelliproject contact person e Mariarca ViscovoCouncilor for the Municipality of Eastern Naples – we made the announcement regrettable because we have only funded nine projects: almost three hundred have arrived from all over the south. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funds for all the projects, so we have chosen the best like this ».

The sports area of ​​the former school in via Curzio Malaparte is also part of CUBO, Cantiere UrBanO for educational transformations, ‘Ciro Colonna’. Building that has been entrusted from 2019, with a lease by the municipality of Naples, to Maestri di Strada, the association led by Cesare Morenoand over time it has become a rallying point for various realities of the third sector, including some associations of the SCINN network.

The third sector is often ahead of its time – says the councilor of Palazzo Santa Lucia, Lucia Fortini projects like this are becoming more popular than we can imagine. Often it is the institutions that do not actually support them, and that is why the Fondazione CON IL SUD plays a strategic role, I must say. We institutions should learn to listen more. Also because those who work in these realities have the pulse to understand what can happen in some areas but also what can attract our children. Instead of the precipitation that is often given, there would be a need for targeted funding that can really help the people who know them.“.

Our message is that the territory is full of resources – clarifies the chairman of the Association of Roadmasters, Cesare Moreno – There are at least another 4 or 5 buildings like this alone in our area. For a year now, there has been an educational community consisting of twenty schools and 35 associations: a reality that does not exist on paper, but in daily practice..

“This – Moreno specifies – is not a place for entertainment or after-school activities, but is part of the territorial school organization. We have been making “patches” for two years since the building was a sieve: The first area that has been completely renovated is the gym. Today it is available after work on the roof, on the floor, in bathrooms and showers ».

A commendable inclusive reality which, through educational channels, certainly stands as an antidote to the vicissitudes of organized crime. The same thing that has gripped the areas under Vesuvius’ shadow since the dawn of time, especially among the youngest. Neighborhoods, those in East Naples, which still currently have too high thresholds in the school dropout reports prepared by the Neapolitan municipality. These show a criminal escalation, which here apparently sees no end. That is why the hard and precious work of professionals and volunteers requires an equally hard work from local institutions.

“We ask the Municipality and the Region to multiply these spaces – he explains Pasquale Leone by the Terra di confine association – we have with Ciro Colonna multicenter created a safe meeting place for young people. But in an area with over 100 thousand inhabitants (the sixth municipality is the most populous of the whole municipality of Naples) spaces of this kind should be multiplied in all the districts of the eastern area“.

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