“Molise Film Commission”, Cefaratti: “Let Giunta and the Molise Culture Foundation clarify”

CAMPOBASSO – The little that the regional council produces at the law level promptly falls into oblivion. The executive body is absent, neither deciding nor operating.

The incessant complaint, in addition to those who have now become the daily bread of the opposition, is from another Majority Regional Councilor Gianluca Cefaratti, it is a clear demonstration of this.

The argument is “Molise Film Commission“Inserted in the Budget Act with an agenda intended to be included in Molise Kulturfond’s activities

“With DGR n. 184 of last June 16, – he says Cefaratti– the regional council renewed the board of Molise Kulturfonds; he intended to confirm Dr. Antonella Presutti as chair and at the same time appoint Veronica Sacchetti and, on the recommendation of the province of Campobasso, Maurizio Varriano as members.

Last September, during a meeting of the former Board of Directors, a positive opinion was issued “regarding the possibility of expanding the Fund’s activities and purposes with reference to Movie Commission And Research Historic by virtue of a joint strategic project “.

And it is now more than a month since the Regional Council approved the agenda (attached to the multi-annual budget law for the three-year period 2022-2024, regional law no. 5 of 12 January 2000 “New rules on the subject of cultural promotion”) presented by me on the creation of Molise Film Commission.

In my initial report, I had emphasized and reiterated that the benefits and, above all, the prospects for a positive impact in terms of employment and the promotion and improvement of the territory are quite clear in the regions where the film commissions are operational and adequately funded.

The same ODG “obliges the President of the Regional Council and the Competent Councilor, pending the possible approval of the PDL, which is currently being discussed in the Competent Council Commission, to quickly start through the Molise Culture Foundation all the activities necessary for the” establishment of Molise Film Commission and guarantee the necessary financial appropriations, through specific amendments to the accounts for the financial years 2022 and multiannual 2022/2024, to enable immediate operation “.

“There has been a lot of discussion about the legal form: to hang the Molise Film Commission into the already existing Molise Culture Fund, of which it should, however, constitute an independent asset, or create a structure from scratch, have the courage to take on a stimulating and The important thing, which has been repeatedly argued and emphasized, is that the structure is “established” in the shortest possible time, has full autonomy and immediate operation with the identification of a “governance” consisting of no less than 3 figures ( President, Director, Location Manager) with proven experience in the sector.

From this moment onwards, despite what has been said, no progress has been made; There is currently no change in the fund’s statute in terms of an asset dedicated to the Film Commission, no meetings are planned with those interested, no amount has been set aside that can at least guarantee the start of the initiative.

At this point, I turn again to President Toma, to the competent councilor Cotugno and to the new management of the fund: whether there is the will and ability to establish and adequately fund the Molise Film Commission after what was approved by a majority in the Council , or do you intend to ignore the political direction function indicated by the Assembly?

I believe that an answer is needed: not to me personally, but to the regional parliament, which, after all, remains the place where all the citizens of Molise are represented.

That everyone, at this point, – concludes Cefaratti – take responsibility and then explain to the citizens themselves that you have missed another opportunity to provide a concrete prospect of growth for this region. “


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