La Maddalena Fair: the oldest in Campania with tastings, events and shows in 6 municipalities

A fair of very ancient origin, the Maddalena Fair, which takes place this year between the six municipalities of Caiazzo, Amorosi, Castel Campagnano, Ruviano, Puglianello, all in the provinces of Caserta and Benevento

The Maddalena fair returns from June 25 to July 24, 2022 among many cities in Caserta, after the great success of the debut event on June 5 in Piana di Monte Verna with many events and an exciting show of Peppe Iodice.

Next step in Maddalena Fair they will be that six municipalities of Caiazzo, Amorosi, Castel Campagnano, Ruviano, Puglianelloeverything between Caserta and Benevento to the Millennium Event, resumed thanks to funding from the Campania region.

La Maddalena Fair: a fair of ancient origin

Many shows, guided tours, food and wine tastings, exhibition stands for the Fiera della Maddalena, it has been held since the beginning of the Christian era, when the diocese of Caiazzo extended its ecclesiastical jurisdiction over thirty-six villages. “The church and feudal lords of Caiazzo had set for July 22 each year, the feast of Santa Maria Maddalena, highly revered by the people of Caiazzo, the day of the collection of taxes and the delivery of the harvest. Thousands of people therefore moved from the farms towards Caiazzo with their families with food, livestock and goods to give life to a fair that in 2022 will be renewed between history and tradition. “

Many shows, guided tours, food and wine tastings, exhibition stands among the six municipalities

After a two-year suspension, the Maddalena fair returns with a large program of high cultural level that will attract visitors and tourists from all over Campania and beyond. After the opening in Piana di Monte Verna, here are the next steps:

June 25, Amorosi (BN)

  • 17.00: tour of the historic center of Amorosi (Palazzo Maturi, Palazzo Piscitelli, the church of San Michele Arcangelo and the chapel of San Giuseppe) by the cultural association Agorà.
  • 19.30: tasting of the panorama, a typical local dish, in Piazza Umberto I at Pro Loco.
  • 21.00: Monuca Sarnelli concert in Piazza Umberto I

July 9, Castelcampagnano (CE)

  • All day: extraordinary opening of the Church of Santa Maria ad Nives and the Church of Maria SS del Rosario and tasting of typical products in the village of Squille by Pro Loco by Castel Campagnano, which will involve the cultural associations “Arts and Culture” and “Silla”.
  • 18.00: guided tour through the streets of the village of Castel Campagnano and Squille, in the tuface cellars and the rock church departing from the Largo victims of the Shoah at Pro Loco.
  • 22:00: musical show at Peppe Barra in the town hall.

July 16, Ruviano (CE)

  • 16:00: tour of the center of Ruviano starting from Piazza Roma, crossing the village, the village of Alvignanello, the Volturno river, which will be navigated with the help of the expert Gino Rotondo, as well as the city’s historic cellars.
  • 5.30 pm: tasting of typical local products in Piazza Giardinetti in the village of Alvignanello.
  • 21:00: Romeo Barbaro’s Paranza concert in Piazza Chiesa, in the village of Alvignanello

July 17, Puglianello (BN)

  • From kl. 17: photographic exhibition by Antonio Biasiucci in the town hall in the town hall.
  • 17.00: guided tour departing from the Baroque Castle Puglianello, the Chapel of San Rocco with the tomb of Baron Francesco Maria Paolella, Villa Marchitto and the votive shrines with ceramics from the Cerreto school, the four-towered castle of Angevin origin, today’s church with a modern structure located where the former structure from 1300 stood, the municipal laundry from the beginning of the twentieth century, the “Mastrodattia” bridge, the votive chapel of Madonna del Carmine to the east.
  • 19.30: tasting of local products in the square in front via San Salvatore.
  • 21.00: Concert by Mario Maglione & friend in the square in front via San Salvatore

from 22 to 24 July, Caiazzo (CE)

  • Guided tours of Pro Loco from Caiazzo. For reservations: 0823862761 (from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 19).
  • 18:00: visit of the old village and the cathedral (departure from the Pro Loco headquarters in Piazza Santo Stefano).
  • From 18 to 24: opening of the stands for Fiera della Maddalena 2022, with food and wine tastings in the municipal villa. Shows with street artists in the city squares and streets: Piazza Porta Vetere, public gardens in via Cattabeni, rione Garibaldi, via Aulo Attilio Caiatino.

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