It is not raining, the drought is increasing, and children are increasingly at risk of developing diarrhea – a condition that is often fatal

Severe drought could increase the concentration of dangerous bacteria and viruses in water sources and thus promote the spread of conditions such as diarrhea. A problem that should not be underestimated if we consider that every year in the world, diarrheal diseases cause around half a million deaths among the youngest.

The one triggered by climate change is one dominoone chain reaction which affects every aspect of our lives.

Get dry. Weekday temperatures are rising and at the same time raining is in short supply. Rivers and lakes thus remain dry in the mouth (think Po or the Tiber), they lose water and end up retreating from a centimeter. one meter at a time.

A dry river is not one drama only for the river itself, or for those who live next door. Running out of water has very serious consequencesagriculturethat farmsthat biodiversity and also men’s health.

According to a new study from Yale School of Public Healthtoday, above all, the drought is threatening the population children.

Lives in places affected by long periods without water in fact, it would increase the risk of diarrhea, ie one of the leading causes of death among the smallest worldwide.

You know for sure that diarrhea is the result of exposure to substances pollutedhow food or waterbut perhaps you have never read the estimates I tell damage of the diseases associated with this condition.

Diarrhea is a problem that should not be underestimated because every year in the world it causes approx. half a million of deaths among children under 5 years (diarrheal diseases only in 2016 cost lives 446 thousand children under 5), and those who manage to overcome it still run the risk of running into one growth is a reduced development or remain more susceptible to chronic diseases.

For over seven years, California has suffered from drought, affected by very hot and dry weather

According to US researchers, drought today is increasing the concentration of bacteria And dangerous viruses in water sources seriously multiplies the risk for the little ones.

That’s the conclusion you can read in the study they just published in the journal Nature communication. The result comes from the comparison between health data of 1.3 million children under 5 years from 51 countries (collected from 1990 to 2019) and the climatic conditions at the places of origin.

The analysis showed that 14.4% of the children had had diarrhea in the 2 weeks before data collection, with a higher incidence in them between 6 and 23 months. Above all, however, he would have identified one “it causes”.

It actually seems to live in mild drought conditions too six months may increase the risk of diarrhea 5% and even8% if the drought is severe.

The situation worsened in case of families forced to travel long distances to scrape water together or survived on soap and water to take care of hygiene: yet a correct cleaning hands And face however, it was not safe.

In fact, the researchers found that access to good quality water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, such as adequate water and soap, however, they did not eliminate the risk of diarrhea.

“Washing your hands is not enough to protect you. We need to address the root cause of climate change is the conclusion on Kai ChenPhD, assistant professor and and research leader.

Source | “Relationships between prolonged drought and diarrhea among children under five in low- and middle-income countries” published June 30, 2022 in the journal Nature Communications

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