“In 2023, employment from June 30 to July 2”

Over 3,000 books sold for the 2022 edition of Lungomare di Libri: this is the important figure emerging from the event, which for the second year in a row saw publishers and writers meet readers in the wooden poles built on the wall. An edition that also consolidates the important collaboration between Bari Municipality, the Puglia region, the Book Presidia and the Turin Book Fair.

Happy not only the people of Bari, who during the three evenings were able to tense between books and authors, but also the tourists, who were taken by surprise by the great cultural ferment that crossed the symbolic places in the capital of Puglia over the weekend, just finished. A success that therefore motivates the organizers to announce the dates of the next edition, scheduled from June 30 to July 2, 2023. Nineteen booksellers have lived in the houses on the Bari Wall for three days, 36 publishers who with APE’s guide – Associazione Editori Pugliesi, they also promoted their titles through presentations by the traveling camper, over 40 meetings and in addition the framework of the event, the exhibition “Obey. Peace Revolution” in Margherita Theater.

All appointments are very popular, from book presentations to conferences on current topics, from masterclasses to activities for the little ones. Among the guests in Lungomare of the books “Reading the world” we remember: Vito Mancuso, Luciano Canfora, Paolo Rumiz, Nicola Lagioia, Valeria Parrella, Alessandro Vanoli, Valentina Petrini, Francesca Cavallo, Gabriella Genisi, Chiara Tagliaferri, Alessandro Casale, Luca Miniero, Oscar Iarussi, Alessandro Laterza, Gianfranco Viesti, Vincenzo Santoro.

The most anticipated answer, however, is the bookstores, true protagonists of the literary event. For three days, from afternoon to late evening, they moved their activities to the 19 small houses that have supported the Bari Wall, which are very popular. And the choir of booksellers in the Metropolitan City of Bari agrees: “The initiative was appreciated by both booksellers and readers – declares Rocco Pinto, coordinator of Lungomare di libri booksellers – the booksellers had the opportunity to join forces and bring their profession and professionalism to. Lungomare di Bari all alone and not individually.Network between readers, booksellers, authors, publishers but also with people on the street has been the strength of Lungomare di libri.The reading tips were appreciated and after the meeting many readers bought the proposed books.Another interesting aspect is that readers have discovered libraries they did not know.The sale went very well, also thanks to the peculiarities of the bookstores in Bari and its province.The synthesis of these three days can therefore be included in the consideration of a reader from Manfredonia , who said “Bari with books is even more beautiful!”.

The Apulian publishers affiliated with the APE are also pleased and highlight: “Lungomare di libri has been confirmed as an important appointment in the Apulian summer in the field of book promotion. The meeting and sharing of a space for supply chain players, especially publishers and booksellers , shows a winning formula that finds its strength in a privileged place that enables books and publishers to become a union between the tourist calling of a territory and a city, its cultural growth and the expansive power of a social change. excellent development opportunities, also from the perspective that our association promotes of an animation that moves books to the public, among the people, as was the case with the BiblioCamper experience, which with Lungomare di Libri has inaugurated a number of initiatives (primarily Libri in Giro), which will continue in the coming months “.

“In addition to confirming itself as a great success with the public, in the wake of the first edition, Lungomare di libri is for us a moment of planning and discussion with sector operators – notes the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro – which we want to feel fully Publishers and booksellers are part of a system that we intend to strengthen in the cultural offer that the city of Bari aims with conviction also from a point of view of promoting tourism. think it’s the added value of this event: to have brought the entire book chain to the attention of the public, which has given the city a weekend of great interest and value. “

Bari’s Councilor for Culture, Ines Pierucci, comments: “The success of the second edition of Lungomare di libri was determined by the awareness of the role that books are playing more and more in the lives of all of us. These days we have” read the world ” from the margins, from the borders, rediscovering utopia as an emotional idea and the ideals that make us live, hope, fight and resist.Reading the world also means listening to readings and advice from booksellers, from Italian fiction to prestigious non-fiction , who actively participated in this second edition, whose great sales success was the result of the diversification of the offer, which together with the Apulian publishers he built the most beautiful open-air bookstore in the south, opened the city’s doors to knowledge and knowledge, restored restlessness and freedom, which only We can therefore say goodbye and we are pleased to announce that we are already working on the next edition ”.

“The success of this second edition of Lungomare di libri, which took place in a unique place like the Bari Wall, once again confirmed the goodness of a book and reading promotion project where we worked with bookstores from Bari and the province and Puglia. publisher, with a great team spirit and desire to network.Salone, even in the South, did not want to fail its mission to build dialogue and weave networks and create an additional opportunity for cultural debate – emphasizes Piero Crocenzi, CEO of Salone libro srl and Marco Pautasso, Secretary-General of the Book Fair .- “.

Orietta Limitone, President of the Book Presidia, concludes: “An opportunity to meet communities and reflect on the most pressing issues of our time, Lungomare di libri brought together readers, operators, booksellers, publishers and authors and highlighted every topic in the book supply. Promoting reading also means taking into account all links in the chain and encouraging the achievement of common goals “.

“Lungomare di libri” is conceived by the Department of Culture, Tourism and Territorial Marketing in the municipality of Bari, created by the municipality of Bari and the Puglia region – Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Valorization of the Territory, as part of the programming of Presidia of the Book in collaboration with the Turin International Book Fair, together with booksellers from Bari and its province and Apulian publishers affiliated with the APE-Associazione Pugliese Editori. The initiative enjoys the protection of Bari Municipality – Department of Culture and Territorial Marketing.

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