Himera Art Festival is back, music and art to celebrate a people’s identity

The second edition of the Himera Art Festival starts on Tuesday 12 July, six-day free appointments for all in Termini Imerese, from 12 to 17 July. Six scenes for six days in a symbolic place in the historic center, in via Enrico Iannelli in front of the Belvedere overlooking the sea, where the stage will be set up. Six day appointments with the show and its energy, each stage a historical journey, the memory with its burden of reflections and analyzes. Presentations of books, theatrical events, musical performances, without ever losing the thread of dialogue with the territory and its protagonists. Termini Imerese is a city with many souls, through art and entertainment, six of the essential aspects of what it was told are tried to understand what it is and what it wants to be.

The ancient city, its origins and history, the strong connection with Himera’s past, its art and ancient theater. The Carnival City, the oldest in Sicily. The industrial city, an opportunity to reflect on the industrial area, on the work and its development over the years, on the expectations for economic development. The city of dreams, a way of trying to understand how the real protagonists of a territory, the citizens, see their future. The pious city and the sea, religious traditions often associated with the fishing season and the sea in this city, with the strong presence of a port still under construction. The female majority city, a tribute to the female part of this city, which in history resembles a few female figures, but which fortunately instead exists today and will be the main characters of the future.

The festival was organized by the association of young people from Terni “HimerAzione” and has Piero Macaluso as artistic directorthis year’s main sponsor is Edison, this year it’s a town of friendship with the 190 Tramonti Festival in Castenuovo Bormida (Alessandria) and the Nella Valle dei Racconti Festival in Sciara (Palermo).

“Festivals are the popular events par excellence, where the identity of a community and a place is expressed. – says Giulio Ustica, project manager – Already in the design phase of Himera Art Festival he had this purpose to express the identity of this city in an unprecedented way, open to new scenarios and at the same time with the awareness of the traces that have enriched our material and intangible cultural tradition.We want the construction of this new identity to be a melting pot of culture, sharing and in fact, with this perspective, twinned cities have been devised with other festivals, as well as the partnership with Gac (Coastal Action Group), ZIT Associazione Imprese Zona Industriale Termini Imerese and Festival del Mare e del Gusto and several collaborations developed locally with the best associations and companies in the area. We have traced a course in the hope that others can follow it together. home to us “.

“In the Valle del Torto and in the old Himera area, near Buonfornello, there are two rivers, Imera and Torto, – says Piero Macaluso, artistic director – they cross each other and chase each other, and who knows about a place, under soil heat in Sicily, touching and polluting their water.Two festivals born in Valle del Torto and in Termini Imerese, a city that for many reasons has been a reference point for that valley.Festival Nella Valle Dei Racconti and Himera Art Festival, just as they two rivers cross difficult paths on dry and sunny countries, both have given themselves a difficult and ambitious task: to take as their starting point the reference area in order to improve its resources and find connections to a European and contemporary culture.

Every night there will be tastings that follow the evening’s theme on the belvedere next to the stage in the “A Cuccagna” kiosk that precedes the show. This is the program for this year: the preview on Sunday, July 10 at 21 at the Giardino Chiesa dell’Annunziata with the presentation to the citizens of the second edition, and during the evening live performance and the presentation of the video clip “Look at me” by Francesca Teriaca.

The program for the second edition

The festival officially starts on Tuesday 12 July at 21.30 with the first scene dedicated to “The Old Town”. It opens with DanisinniLan’s theater “Antigone, the voices”, freely taken from Antigone by Sophocles and Bertold Brecht, with dramaturgy and instruction by Gigi Borruso.

Wednesday the 13th of July we go on to the “City of Carnival”, this day we start from the afternoon at. 17 with papmaché workshops dedicated to children entitled: “Paper wall – manufacturing and experimenting with recycled paper” by Giulio Adelfio and Giuseppa Balena. At 9.30 pm we move on via E. Iannelli to the theater-circus performance “Sbadaclown” entitled “SNAP!”, By Andrea Arena and Maria Elena Rubbino, followed by folk music and the infectious joy of “Banda alle Ciance” will involve young people and old in dance and laughter.

On Thursday 14 July, attention will be shifted to “Industribyen”, and the festival will start at 17 from the garden of the Annunziata Church with the literary meeting for the presentation of the book “Maruzza” by Enzo Muscarella. 21.30 in via E. Iannelli the Teatro dei TeatroZeta is performed with the show “My name is Carducci and I worked in Fiat” with Michele Mulia, Sergio Monachello, Piero Macaluso, the text and instruction are by Piero Macaluso. At the end of the show there will be a concert with social singer-songwriter Alfredo Daidone.

On Friday 15 July, the day will be dedicated to the “City of Dreams”, and from kl. 17.00 in the Giardino Chiesa dell’Annunziata a theater performance for children by the Little Zeta school entitled “A sea of ​​hunger – the true story of little Tommaso – The Water Seller”, with the boys from Piccola Scuola Zeta, lyrics and instruction by Piero Macaluso. 21.30 i via E. Iannelli the show of the Teatro Naif in Ovada (Alessandria) “Più su di quaggiù” by Andrea Robbiano. 22.30, again in via E. Iannelli, the short film “The Dream of Himera” by Gianfrancesco Iacono will be shown.

The penultimate festival day on Saturday 16 July with the theme “The pious city and the sea”. It starts at 5 pm in the garden of the Annunziata Church with the presentation of the book “I am Jesus” by Giosuè Calaciura. 21.30 we go to via E. Iannelli to attend the concert of Francesco Giunta with Edoardo De Angelis. Following “The Good News in Sicilian” (translation in Sicilian by Francesco Giunta of The Good News by Fabrizio De Andrè) with Cecilia Pitino, Alessandra Ristuccia, Laura Mollica, Giulia Mei and Beatrice Cerami.

Sunday, July 17, the last day of the festival dedicated to “The female plural city” with the grand finale on stage in via E. Iannelli at. 21.30 with “Petali tour” the free concert by Neapolitan pop jazz singer-songwriter Simona Molinari.

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