Gaeta, from July 8 to September 30 UNIsummer. Movement, culture and well-being. All events

Friday, July 8, 2022at 10.30by Conference room of Angevin Castle in GaetaUniversity of Cassino and southern Lazio and the city of Gaeta present UNIsommer. Movement, culture and well-beinga series of events that will animate the city from July 8 to September 30, 2022. Initiative organized within of the cycle UNICities 2022by Delegation of the Rector for the dissemination of culture and knowledge – SCIRE, Prof. Ivana Bruno.

UNICAS it meets the cities, where it is present with a itinerant cycle of cultural events and activities divided into three parts, which follow the natural cycle of time, called “seasons”. Each season is dedicated to a specific theme with targeted and contextualized cultural suggestions.

The purpose of the initiative is to create a connection to the reference area by actively involving local communities and citizens. This is the mission of #Third MissionUnicas, disseminate and transfer the knowledge gained within the university to contribute to the economic-socio-cultural growth of the areas, which increases their wealth and peculiarities. There first season took place in the City Cassino with “UNICAS as the city’s cultural heritage” (May 6-23. June 2022) and was dedicated to strengthening UNICAS ‘cultural heritage in its dual human and cultural component, perceived as a common resource and as a constructive force of socio-cultural value. The cycle ends in autumn in Frosinoneseat of an important didactic center for the university, with “At the roots of Made in Italy. Around the map “(October 1-December 21, 2022)to will highlight UNICAS’s direct links with the territory’s companies and industries, gathered around the common theme of industrial archeology linked to paper production.

Gaeta. UNIsommer. Movement, culture and well-being.

From8th of July to September 30, 2022, Angevin Castle of Gaeta, our representative office, will be the prestigious setting for a review of interdisciplinary cultural initiatives. The events, organized by the Rector’s Delegation for the Dissemination of Culture and Knowledge – SCIRE, and synergy with The Scientific Council and the collaboration of the institutes of the university, they focus on the themes of movement, culture and well-being. The cycle focuses attention on the relationship between these three dimensions of the human person, which is placed at the center of the action for the purpose of promoting harmonious and integrated growth.

All appointments of “UNIsummer. Movement, culture, well-being” are among the events leading up to the European Night of Researchers 2022, which UNICAS concludes on 30 September in Gaeta with a full program of events aimed at celebrating science in all its forms among citizens of all ages, from 0 to 99 years (exhibitions, science games, literary cafes, laboratories, science trips, etc.).

The STREETS project (Science, Technology and Research for Ethical Engagement Translated in Society), has been approved and funded by the European Community, as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions, European Researchers’ Night 2022/2023. The city of Gaeta is collaborating with UNICAS in the organization of ‘The Night’.

8 events will be presented on July 8th. Events organized in collaboration with local associations and stakeholders. Among the initiatives is also a Cineforum, planned outdoors, focusing on the literary figure of The Sicilian author and intellectual Leonardo Sciascia (1921-1981) with screenings of four films based on some of his most famous novels.

Vice-Rector Fiorenza Taricone will present the photographic and documentary exhibition illustrating the life and role of the 21 voters, Mothers of the Republic, who worked on the drafting of the constitution, along with more than 500 deputies. The exhibition was organized by Female Toponymy with contributions from the Lazio region as part of the initiatives to build an archive of Lazio’s historical memory. On September 8, it will make its debut at Gaeta Castle, where it will remain available until October 1. On September 30, it will be illustrated for the students and citizens who will be participating in ‘The Night’.

They will be present

Rector, Marco Dell’Isola

The Mayor of Gaeta Cristian Leccese and the city council member Gianna Conte

Vice-Chancellor of the Third Mission, Fiorenza Taricone

Vice-Rector for Didactics, Giovanni Betta

Rector’s delegates for dissemination of culture and knowledge, Ivana Bruno

The President of Rivera di Ulisse Park, Carmela Cassetta

The Director of Parco dei Monti Aurunci, Giorgio De Marchis



Friday, July 8th

11.00-13.00 Vertical emotions at the castle. Experience tourism project

by Department of Human, Social and Health Sciences he was born in Department of Humanities and Philosophyin cooperation with Renewable energy – Attached event poster

Friday, July 15th

Castle, dormitory A, Piedmontese cells

17-19 hours Faces, voices, stories of a prison. Photographic and immersive journeyedited of Department of Humanities and Philosophy, with The castle. Photo exhibition by Antonella Di Schino,

curated by Mara Salipante

Thursday, July 21st

City Council Meeting)

17-19 hours START. Street art bike ride. Cultural route by bike among works by

The city’s street art. In collaboration and with participation from Urban memories

edited of Department of Humanities and Philosophy

September: Friday the 2nd / Saturday the 3rd / Friday the 9th / Friday the 30th

Castle, atrium (or indoors, conference room)

17-21 hours And then we went out to see the stars again: cinema at the Castle between history, literature and …

“With Leonardo Sciascia in the Cinema”edited by Department of Humanities and Philosophy

Thursday, September 8th – Castle, meeting room

10-13 hours The role of marketing in strengthening cultural, entrepreneurial and territorial heritage, edited of Department of Economics and Law

Friday 23. September – Castle, conference room

17-19 hours – “With these fragments I have supported my ruins”: verse against the war.

Reading poems and showing the film Ken Loach, Land and freedom1995, edited by

Department of Human, Social and Health Sciences

Friday, September 30 (European Researchers’ Night Streets)

Castle, conference room

10-13 – Food, health and sustainability: waiting for the Sustainability Festival, by Department of Human, Social and Health Sciences

Friday, September 30 (European Researchers’ Night Streets)

Castle, conference room

17-19 hours – Robotik del IIAt sea with a robotedited by Department of Electrical and Information Engineering “Maurizio Scarano”

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