Fire in Rome, Pineto Park burning. Flames in a sports center: children evacuated

Rome is still burning: Monday, July 4, turned from an early afternoon into a hot day, with firefighters and civil protection having to intervene on various fronts to contain the fires, which in some cases threatened homes and buildings and forced evacuation of residents.

The fire in the Pineta Sacchetti area

The most serious situation is that in the Monte Mario area, in the area via della Pineta Sacchetti: here at. At 1 p.m., a wildfire erupted with flames “eating” acres of greenery in the Pineto Park Reserve, also a devastating part of the Vis Aurelia Sports Center and The Fox Club, where some children were immediately turned away due to the dense smoke that was visible at miles away.

On site, there are civil protection vehicles and four firefighters with two tankers, while the director of firefighting operations coordinates the launch of the four helicopters in flight.

Chusa, Rome The Viterbo railway between Valle Aurelia and Vigna Clara

As a precautionary measure, the Roma Viterbo railway between Valle Aurelia and Vigna Clara was closed, and as the front was widened, fed by dry vegetation and wind, it was also necessary to evacuate a nunnery via Albergotti: the flames have come dangerously close to gas cylinders, which is fortunately secured.

It is not excluded that Canadair will also be involved in the area, precisely in light of the scope and violence of the effort.

In Montespaccato in flames parked cars and cabins, buildings evacuated

A further fire front then developed between Cornelia and Montespaccato, involving several roads. In via Montpellier the flames reached some parked cars, while some houses in via Nazareth were evacuated.

In via Neroni some cabins were burned: here too there are four fire brigades in action with the tanker, a helicopter and civil protection volunteers. In via Proba Petronia, at the intersection with via Papignana, several families were evacuated by the police from the houses from number 43 to 57 for safety reasons.

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On the Ardeatina flames near a clinic, fires are also burning in Pomezia and Ariccia

Moving south, the situation does not get better: at Ardeatina, other teams try to secure and limit a vegetation fire that developed near the Santa Lucia Clinic, in the Pomezia area a fire broke out at km 28 of Pontina while in Ariccia , near the farm Il Borgo, the vvf team from the Marino department is present for yet another fire.

In Colonna, a bush fire reached near the railway tunnel, without, however, making it necessary to interrupt traffic (20:00). On site a team of Frascati firefighters with the regional helicopter.

Citizens’ alarm

Meanwhile, the Romans witnessed the devastation caused by fires, while ash “rains” on various areas of the city. Citizens, after seeing the first photos, commented on social media: “We talked about it last Saturday, it’s the chronicle of a predicted death. A time bomb, already announced”, the common thought. According to initial evidence, the fire started from a small outbreak in front of the library. It was there that the first flames would have been seen. At least 50 women and men, including firefighters and civil protection volunteers at work. A helicopter will also be in action from kl. 14.20.

Fire in Rome Fiumicino

Firefighters from 14 today have also worked on dozens of fires that broke out in the morning in Rome in the province, such as the one in Rome Fiumicino, where weeds burn on the sides of the roadway and again in parts of Sant’Angelo Romano, near Tivoli.

Also flames in via Siculiana, via Ardeatina in the Tor Marancia area, where a helicopter had to intervene here, via Santa Maria di Galeria and via Acqua Fredda.

Article updated at 20.00

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