Once upon a time in the big chains of consumer electronics there were computers, cameras, televisions, washing machines, razors and it was unthinkable to think of seeing a bicycle in this context, today everything has changed. With the boom of electric bikes, the latter, together with scooters, have their own place in the Mediaworld, Euronics, Expert and Unieuro stores.

These last two chains, Expert And Unieuro currently they are the only ones who have what can be defined as a real e-bike for off-road pedal, an e-mtb, in their stores but also on their websites. We are not referring to one of the many electric bicycles of clear Chinese origin with unusual shapes, or at least certainly different from those designed in Europe.

We refer to a genuine e-mtb with a historic brand, designed and assembled in Italy, to be exact in Cavarzere (VE) and equipped with an electric motor made in Emilia Romagna. We’re talking about the e-bike Legnano Fuoco MTB which by Expert is sold in the brand orange color while that of Unieuro is available in the matt orange – black shiny color.

Electric bike Legnano Fuoco


Many readers have asked us about this e-bike, let’s start with the brand. Bicycles Legnano is a company founded in the distant 1902 in Lombardy with the name Wolsit Officine Legnanesi Automobili. The first year it produced 25,000 bicycles. Now this brand has been granted in concession to Cicli Esperia, a group that owns the brands Torpado and Fondriest. In the craft area of ​​Cavarzere (Venice), they have shed where they collect the bikes.

The Legnano Fuoco MTB e-bike, which you see in the Expert, Unieuro- but also Comet stores, is an electric mountain bike with an aluminum alloy frame, which has a modern design and is equipped with 29-inch wheels and is padded with a fork .


To push this Legnano Fuoco MTB electric mountain bike, there is an Italian OLI Sport Plus engine that weighs 3.5 kg, with which you can reach a maximum torque of 85 Nm. We find it on e-mtb of brands like Olympia, Torpado and also Bottecchia. When we reach 25 km per hour, to comply with the traffic law, the control unit switches off the engine, otherwise we would step on a moped that had to be registered.

OLI Sport engine

Photo © OLI Sport

On this Legnano Fuoco MTB, the Oli Sport Plus engine is powered by a removable lithium-ion battery (using the appropriate key) with a capacity of 630 Wh. Across OLI screen present on the left side of the handlebars, the cyclist can step on the pedals with the option to choose between legs five levels of pedal assistance.

Let’s take two examples, by setting level 1, the engine provides pedal assistance by 50%, which means that the force we exert on the pedal increases by 50%. By instead choosing the maximum level, 5, as if it were a “turbo”, the support is 400%, ie our propulsion is multiplied by 4. A small detail that not everyone knows, ebikes are not like mopeds, the engine only gives help, if you step on the pedals.

Electric bike Legnano Fuoco


On the display on the Legnano Fuoco MTB ebike there is also the option to activate the Walk function, what does that mean? Have you ever found yourself on such a steep path that it is impossible to step on the pedals? In these cases, you get off the bike and push it by hand, but the operation becomes very demanding if it is an ebike that weighs 23 kilos. In these situations by activating the function Gothe engine gives us some help pushing the e-bike.


On the Expert and Comet websites, the Legnano Fuoco MTB is stated to be equipped with a 9-speed Shimano Deore gearbox (gears) and disc brakes also from the Japanese giant, while the technical data sheet on the Unieuro website generally speaks of a 7. – gearbox.


When reading the technical data sheets from Expert, Comet and Unieuro, the Legnano Fuoco MTB e-bike should weigh around 23 kilos.


Legnano sells E-Bike Fuoco MTB in three sizes 40, 45, 50, which corresponds approximately to S, M and L. Before you buy it, we advise you to check if the size fits your anthropometric measurements such as height and dimensions. the height of the crotch.


e-mtb Legnano Fuoco MTB has a price of 2,199 euros,

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