Closed schools and open construction sites: maintenance and efficiency work for almost 900 thousand euros. And for next school year, the new San Michele kindergarten is ready

Schools closed to students, but open to technicians and workers who during these months have to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work in various school buildings in the area. The total value of the planned interventions in 2022 amounts to 894,630 euros.

“Ravenna municipality’s school building foundation – comments the councilor for public works Federica Del Conte – is very significant, and for the municipal administration it has always been a priority to keep it under such conditions that it is offered to students, teachers and all staff. Maximum safety and efficiency This year, too, the energy efficiency and maintenance plan continues at some schools in the area, to ensure the quality, avant-garde and safety of our students in the structures, and at the same time we are working on the construction and design of new schools, also thanks to resilience plan recently awarded to the planning of the new school in Ponte Nuovo “.

In Don Minzoni High School, maintenance work is planned for energy improvement and replacement of the roof cladding of the Mattioli Gymnasium for 232 thousand euros. Corresponding investment (234,000 euros) in the kindergarten “Mani fiorite”, where work will be carried out for the construction of insulation of the outer walls using a coat and replacement of furniture. Energy efficiency also works in the Gaudenzi kindergarten, where the luminaires will be replaced (149,990 euros). At the Orsa Minore kindergarten, on the other hand, the work will involve a toilet (48,300 euros); in the southern wing of Montanari High School, the toilets currently not in use will be redone (85 thousand euros); in Garibaldi primary school, a complete renovation, both building and construction technology, of two bathroom blocks and external housing (99,570 euros) will be carried out; finally, maintenance of the school roof will affect the primary Camerani and the first class Ricci Muratori (€ 45,770). In addition, work will also be done to renovate the exterior of the Ettore Burioli School in Savio.

In addition to maintenance interventions, some construction sites are also continuing in recent months. In San Michele, where the new headquarters for the kindergarten “Zaccagnini” is being built, work is on its way to the final phase. The school, which has two departments, with the possibility of hosting a spring section, will be inaugurated for the next school year (2022/23). Work on the construction of the car park will begin shortly: there are currently 11 spaces available, which will be increased to 22. Subsequently, a cycle path will also be built, connecting via Pietro da Rimini and Via Melozzo da Forlì.

Work is also continuing in Mezzano, where the 0-6 childhood center “Le Margherite – I Folletti” will be expanded and inaugurated in the school year 2023-24. The work includes the construction of two new classrooms for the kindergarten, which will allow the creation of a 3-section kindergarten (including an existing section) that can accommodate 75 children, and a 3-section nursery that can accommodate 50 children . The expansion will be carried out in the north-eastern area of ​​the existing building, so that there will be an opportunity for joint use of service rooms and kitchens. Finally, work on the construction of the new 0-6 childhood center in Lido Adriano was handed over, the delivery of which is scheduled for the school year 2024/25. The nursery part will consist of two departments (with bathrooms and bedroom), a lounge for common activities, an office for teachers, service for Ata staff and a storage room. That part of the kindergarten instead has two departments with attached bathrooms, a hall for common activities, a studio, service for the Ata staff, an office for teachers and a warehouse. The kitchen and its pantry, the services for the kitchen staff, the laundry and the technical room will be shared. Among the basic elements of this new pile is the possibility of expanding the structure: two more nesting sections and three nursery sections can be added.

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