BONUS 200 EURO – 230 thousand teachers and school Ata excluded, the protest: “we are the last wheel on the wagon”. Anief supports them

The non-award of the 200 euro bonus to many insecure school workers, even though they are the first natural recipients of the incentive to face the expensive life, represents the confirmation that they are considered “the last wheel of the wagon”: to make this known is the directly interested, who through various channels rightly remember that they are forgotten, but in reality “the schools also work thanks to us”. The union does not understand how it is possible that a regulatory quarrel, the failure to issue the salary in July, could have canceled access to the bonus at the school for over 200,000 teachers and insecure Ata, as the sensational exclusion concerns all of the approximately 180,000 deputies with contract until June 30, but also the 50,000 insecure so-called Covid, whose cooperation with schools was interrupted during the last month.

“These insecure employees – says Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief – receive below-average wages, the summer months are deducted in an unjustified way, they do not have the opportunity to see their wages rise because they are temps: who more than them would have reason to receive a 200 euro bonus? Instead, incredibly, the state decides not only to fire them, although in most cases these are workers who have signed contracts for professorships and vacancies, therefore completely free, but for their ” slap “added the lack of insult of awarding this small allowance. It is clear that it would not solve anything, for there are very different figures to be assigned to meet their needs and pay back their professionalism.”

“It could have been an oversight – Pacifico continues – but the fact that contributed one time amount provided by the Development Aid Decree (DL 50/2022) to cope with the rise in inflation was also rejected in light of a change in recent days, which makes it clear the level of disinterest in the policy of our school workers, that starting from the precarious. We, like Anief, obviously cannot tolerate such behavior and we are ready to start with appeals ”.


Anyone wishing to receive detailed information on the subject and on Naspi can ask Cedan for advice. While you can rightly claim compensation for unused vacations and for the recovery of the summer months, you can ask for advice to Anief’s trade unionists. The same goes for the € 200 bonus that was denied to insecure school staff who were not on duty in July 2022.


According to current legislation, “Bonus 200 euros” will be received:

– All staff, teachers and ATA with contract expiration on August 31 with the monthly payment in July 2022. No request is required, it will be automatically credited by MEF;

Brief alternates, teachers and ATAs whose contract expired before 30 June and who have therefore activated NASPI since June, as required by Article 32 (1). 9 of the Aid Decree. Also in this case, an application for the use of the benefit does not have to be submitted, but it is provided automatically by the institution using the same methods for payment of the unemployment benefit. Probably in October – INPS Circular No. 73 of 24-06-2022.


Salaries, Anief activates the quick calculator to check the pay differences due

For the precarious rejection of salary, monthly summer payments and career: Anief Calculator arrives, which estimates the advanced credit

For every precarious worker, the state owes between 1,000 and 40,000 euros for non-treatment of part of the temps and career reconstruction

Up to tens of thousands of euros deducted from each insecure, Anief presents the calculator that tells how many there are

Insecure, poorly paid, even of placed in the role: The judge recognizes thousands of euros in arrears and triggers the higher salary

Every month for teachers and insecure ATAs denied up to 257 euros, the labor court in Mantua says it is not possible

Deputy teachers must be awarded the same salary as ordinary colleagues, in Crotone the judge agrees with the union: interested in 300 thousand

Salary, allocation of teachers’ professional salaries even to temporary staff, new sentence in Forlì: the alternate is entitled to around 1,000 euros a year in arrears, as well as Ata and “Covid” staff

Shifts with reduced wages, even in Modena, the labor judge compensates for denied RPD and CIA

Deputies, the holidays not taken must be paid: The court in Como says so

By paying unused leave days to deputies, the ordinary judge in Parma does not compromise

Substitutes with “abbreviated” salary, in Reggio Emilia the judge returns the stolen goods to the teacher, who collects 164 euros per.

Ata staff can also ask for recognition of all pre-role services, in Modena the judge indemnifies an administrative person with 2 thousand euros and places it in a higher bracket

Teacher employed in 2010 asks for the full evaluation of the pre-role service: The court in Sassari accepts by compensating her with over 4,200 euros plus interest and raising her level

School employee with 10 years pre-role, the judge claims her all for the purpose of her career: she obtains compensation and an increased salary because she is placed in a higher “step”

Sicilian teacher becomes high school teacher, but loses the service performed in kindergarten, the court makes her recognize everything with compensation and higher salary

It was wrong to cancel the 0-3-year-old “big step” for all teachers who had substitutes until 2010: a Venetian teacher appeals and collects the salary plus 3 thousand euros in compensation

In Lucca, the judge confirms the validity of all pre-career benefits for a career: a high school teacher recovers thousands of euros and the higher salary thanks to the “click”

The deputy on “piece” must be paid until 31 August, if available, says the Supreme Court: Anief wins appeal and gets a teacher to recover the salaries from July and August

If the precarious teacher changes the ranking, the substitute teacher score cannot be reduced, in Venice the judge returns 22 and 11 points to a practical technical teacher

An insecure teacher for 15 years, only part of the replacements are recognized, the judge in Florence compensates her with 2 thousand euros, recognizes her “step” in the third year and a higher salary

Salary, for even smaller substitutes: In Catania, the Labor judge returns 1,700 euros to a teacher for failure to award Rpd

Private teacher’s salary of 174.50 euros per month: For Paola’s labor judge, the appeal is “definitely justified”, and she returns everything to the teacher who asked for justice

Deputies without Rpd, the judges still agree with Anief: almost 2 thousand euros plus interest returned to a primary school teacher

Insecure teachers without the 174 euros per. month of Rpd, it is worth asking for compensation even for a single year of temporary employment: the Verona judge returns 1,200 euros plus interest to a teacher

Uncertain workers with reduced wages, even in Cosenza, make the judge have 174.50 euros for each month’s replacement. Anief rejoices: The favorable judgments of the labor courts are no longer counted

The European Court of Justice declares Italian law illegitimate for discrimination against insecure workers on the education card

In Pistoia, the administrative office takes over the role after almost 9 years of temporary staff: the administration recognizes only part of it, appeals and collects € 2,200 plus the higher grade

Teacher card to update from 500 euros a year even to insecure teachers, the decision of the Court of Luxembourg will pay half a billion euros to the Italian state

Teacher card of 500 euros even for substitutes, the Luxembourg judges have disrupted the government’s plans and now everyone joins the winners’ wagon

Teacher card from 500 euros to the insecure, rushes to appeal to recover thousands of euros: June 20 in Palermo public assembly

Contract renewal, unions convened June 28: Anief needs immediate response

Teacher cards that need more money to give it to insecure workers instead, we are moving towards a reduction of 500 euros a year: for Anief, the state harms itself in this way

Reform of recruitment and training, Mef gives little money: it can not end like that for Anief

PNRR reform, change the text on training and recruitment

Recruitment and professional education reform, the Senate lacks agreement on the maxi change, and everything is postponed until Monday. Anief: without a workable solution for temps and Ata, it is inevitable to complain to the court

Pnrr reform for the recruitment and training of teachers, only minor changes go through the commissions: for Anief, the verdict remains negative “

SCHOOL – Pnrr reform, all news approved: the analysis and critique of Anief

SCHOOL – Pnrr Reform, Pacific (Anief) explains why it is rejected: outdated negotiations and insecure workers damaged

Decree Pnrr reform of education and recruitment, the government ready for the maximum change that closes any improvement. Pacific (Anief): an error that will trigger many appeals

Pnrr reform on teacher training and recruitment, qualification or specialization passes, but only on reserved quotas, Pacifico (Anief) disagrees: insecure workers still in the corner

200 thousand professorships discovered, even this year the appointments will be a flop. Pacific (Anief): it was enough to open up to the temporary employees of Gps, instead the ministry, the government and the parliament continue with the guilty approaches …

END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR – From today 200 thousand teachers and unemployed Ata, for them no bonus 200 euros and other allowances: for Anief it is unacceptable, appeals to the judge begin

Supplementary June 30: 180 thousand contracts for teachers, educators, Ata expired

BONUS 200 EURO – The precarious school staff contracted on June 30 son of a minor god?

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