‘Postproduction’, the 20th edition of the Festival Art Stays in Ptuj, Slovenia, is about to start

From July 7 to September 18, 2022 Art Stays, Ptuj International Festival of Contemporary Arts celebrates twenty years of activity, where “through an always new invitation the directors, Jernej Saks And Marika Vicarihas year after year opened up for a dialogue and journey with artists, curators, musicians and gallery owners, to contemporary art and international art », the organizers remembered.

«The 20th edition of Art Stays has the title POST PRODUCTION and it has two main thematic red threads, which are connected. The first part focuses on the festival’s 20-year history, which over the years has crossed widely different themes in contemporary art, from relationships, politics, nature, the fragility of society and materials to sound and silence. (here you can find the complete program, red), and last year on the structure ”, they continued.

We talked about all this with Marika Vicari And Jernej Saks.

Fernando Prats, El nacimiento del mundo II; 1925, Joan Miró; 2011, Antarctica, Isla Greenwich, 62º20’S 59º41’W. Courtesy Galerie Joan Prats, Barcelona

Art Stays Festival turns 20 years old. How has it changed over the course of the various editions, and what is its identity today?

“That Art Stay Festival was born as a small symposium between young international artists, only to become a more complex and interdisciplinary project a few years later. Over the course of its editions, it has grown ever larger and far-reaching, embracing renowned artists and young people with proposals and projects from around the world. Today, it is a platform capable of turning its identity into a mission and continuous research showing human relationships and records of our future world.

Perino & Vele, Madeforyou II, 2019, Courtesy Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli

What is special about the 2022 edition?

Post productionFestival Art Stays 2022 it is a journey that begins, in every single selected work and artist, in one of the previous editions, but which, by renewing itself and proposing itself in the present, accepts the important challenge of projecting itself towards the future. Among the events that will make it unique are the exhibitions, the beating heart of the project in the historic buildings, performance POST-OPERA from Lynn Book, Sara Korošec – Muzikačaka, Erika Vicari Cross-cutting project with videos of Beti Bricelj, site-specific installation FREE ALT from Costantino Ciervo, that Live Video Mapping set from CREATIVE LABEL MOVEMENTthe presentation of the famous film THE MILL & THE CROSS from Lech Majewski; the unpublished AV Live set from MARKO BATISTAVitreous Sky – Flight of the Last Bird“.

Bojan Golčar, Consequences. Courtesy the artist

How are the venues and artists chosen in general? Especially how were they for this edition?

The selection usually takes place years before the presentation and edition of the festival. Artists and related projects and works are selected based on our knowledge and our specific research as instructors and curators based on the chosen theme with a team of expert curators and thanks to the collaboration between public and private institutions around the world Post production, the current edition, we have chosen to present the festival’s 20-year history through the themes previously proposed, very different from each other, but still associated with contemporary art: relationships, politics, nature, the fragility of society and materials, sound, silence and last year’s structure. The works proposed today reflect, on the one hand, the opportunity and responsibility to analyze our own work, and, on the other hand, the opportunity to set new directions for the festival’s development. The election was completed by the desire to highlight the interdisciplinary character and “iconic” works (including: Regina José Galindo, Santiago Sierra, Yoko Ono, Ferdinando Prats, Zul Mahmod, Robin Meier), which has shaped the history of the festival (Noriko Obara, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Perino & Vele, Michelangelo Galliani, Lech Majewski, Dusan Fischer, Alex Pinna, Tobia RavtoResi Girardello, Leo F. Demetz, Stojan Kerbler) or the participation of artists who, through their artistic residency, have created new social and communicative processes (Costantino Ciervo, Lynn Book, Matthias Langen, Felipe Aguila, Jaša, Marek Schovanek, BridA, Nemanja Cvijanović, Interno3 (Manuel Frara)) “.

Michelangelo Galliani, Vertigo, 2021, Courtesy Cris Contini, London

Art Stays takes place in Slovenia. What relationship does it have to the territory? How does it rank at European level, and what is its relationship with Italy in particular?

“That Festival art stay, takes place in the oldest city in Slovenia, with the historical geographical role of being a crossroads of cultures. The undisputed interdisciplinary character of the festival is enhanced by the characteristic and widespread environment in the historic center and the new social and cultural contexts in the city itself. ART STAYS is considered a leading event in Slovenian cultural programming and a consolidated agreement in the rich European summer calendar. ART STAY also has a special relationship with Italy: not only for the origins and origins of the directors and curators, but above all because both have worked for more than twenty years in the Italian art system, they breathe it, live it and animate it in everyday life “.

Costantino Ciervo, project sketch FREE ALL, Riace 2013 – Ptuj, 2022

What are Art Stays’ plans and ambitions for the future?

“For the future ART STAY we hope to continue in an increasingly decisive way in support the importance of art and culture for the development of our society. The next projects (2023-2025) will be dedicated to three important themes of the present, related to history and the future: Travel, Rum And Dust“.

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