Pasqualino Museum, arrangement with Franco Cuticchio’s puppets passing through the Sole Luna Festival

Unavoidable and strictly daily the agreement with the live performance of the dolls from the Pasqualino Museum, thanks to which the survival of this ancient art is guaranteed through continuous practice and use. Every Monday at 11 a.m., and from Tuesday through Saturday at 5 p.m., the museum’s theater hall will host twists, wonders, enchantments and duels, but also characters like Charlemagne, Orlando and Rinaldo, Angelica, the magician Malagigi.
A universe of stories and characters, born of Giusto Lo Dico’s pens with his History of the Paladins of France, will welcome audiences of all ages.
Ticket: 10 euros (full) – 8 euros (reduced)
Reservation required on 091.32 80 60Sole Luna Festival: Puppet Museum hosts the Itinerances laboratory

Seven days of cinema, shows, panels, masterclasses, performances and exhibition events with the aim of showing documentaries from around the world that want to tell stories and places near and far.

From 4 to 10 July, the Sole Luna Festival returns to Steri, the international review of author documentaries, in its 17th edition. The international competition has two sections, a section dedicated to long and medium-term films and a section to short films. The films are shown in their original language with subtitles in Italian and English and for the deaf. There are also audio descriptions for the blind.

From 7 to 10 July, the Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum will host Itineranze, a laboratory for the development of audiovisual projects, a biannual training and training course dedicated to cinema projects of reality under development, to support creative and production directors on their first (or other) feature film. A unique initiative, born of the collaboration between some of the most important Italian festivals in the sector: Bellaria Film Festival, IsReal, Sole Luna Doc Film Festival, PerSo Film Festival, FrontDoc, Festival dei Popoli.

The aim is to boost the cinema of reality and to circulate talents, perspectives, ideas and visions by leveraging the experiences of industry experts, festival directors, distributors and broadcasters and accompanying participants along the main stages in the approach to realizing their work: from writing to preparation of pitch, from the motivations behind the artistic choices to the search for producers and sources of funding.

The Puppet Museum will once again offer a prize of € 300 for the best short film.

Stanze al Genio and the Museo Pasqualino, you can enter with a single ticket

Thanks to an agreement between two of the most beautiful cities in the city, it will be possible to buy a combined ticket to visit the Majolica Museum “Stanze al Genio” and the Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum.

The ticket price is 12 euros and offers the opportunity to appreciate the Pasqualino collection of dolls, puppets, shadows from around the world and, through a guided tour, the majolica collection, on the main floor of the Palazzo Torre Pirajno. Along the way, there are smaller collections about Florio tableware, terracotta tiles, vintage stationery, old toys and tin boxes.

When visiting, the Puppet Museum will follow the usual opening hours: Monday and Sunday from 10 to 14; from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 18.

The Majolica Museum “Stanze al Genio” arranges guided tours from Tuesday to Friday in three shifts: 16-16.40-17.20; Saturday 10-10.40-11.20; afternoon (except August) 16-16.40-17.20; Sunday 10-10.40-11.20.

On stage, Franco Cuticchio with Rinaldo is a knight

Until September, there will be a review of the Opera dei pupi performances by the cultural association Francesco Cuticchio at the Teatro dei pupi Kemonia (via dei Benedettini, 9, Palermo).

All shows are in collaboration with the Association for the Preservation of Popular Traditions and with contributions from the Ministry of Culture Service II Unesco Office, the Ministry of Culture’s Directorate-General for Entertainment and the Department of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment in the Sicilian region.

Monday the 4th of July and from the 6th to the 10th of July at 4.30 pm it is Rinaldo è cavalieres’ turn.

Info and reservations: 351 5490399
The necromancer Malagigi intercepts some strange signals. He then goes to the cave, where with his magical art he summons the devil Nacalone. The latter reveals to him that the time has now come for Rinaldo, the magician’s cousin, to become a knight. The necromancer then decides to help his cousin in his adventure so he can prove his worth.
Thanks to the hardened weapons received from the devils of hell, the young man thus conquers the horse Baiardo and the sword Fusberta. With the support of his uncle, Rinaldo also provides evidence of great bravery and strength in battle and thus becomes a fearless knight.

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