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“The new measures, which are also being challenged by Aigab – the Italian association of short-term rental managers – say a note from Aigab itself – because they restrict those who act professionally under the law and favor the blacks”.

The extraordinary appeal presented to the President of the Republic also lists “a number of violations – Aigab claims” of the new regulation from Sirmione municipality to the existing laws, first and foremost the municipality’s incompetence to regulate the requirements for the structures of the holiday homes, which are under the jurisdiction of the region in addition to the violation of peaceful competition principles in a societal matrix that “arguably favors hotels to the detriment of a new business activity, which is obviously in competition with traditional hotel structures in a kind of indirect competition”

The leaders of Holiday Homes “are requesting the repeal of Resolution No. 3 of January 26, 2022 of the municipal council of Sirmione municipality, with which the new municipal regulation was approved on the quality requirements for non-hotel accommodation facilities “cottages and flats” and “accommodation for tourist purposes under lease”, because “this regulation under the clear intention to improve the quality of The tourist offer actually dictates a number provisions aimed at disadvantaging the holiday homes and apartments sectorto the full advantage of the traditional offer from hotels located in the municipal area “.

AIGAB founders. From left: Michele Ridolfo (Vice President), Francesco Zorgno (Director), Marco Celani (President), Rocco Lomazzi (Director), Davide Ravalli (Director)

Aigab’s note continues: “This is the crux of the appeal lodged by a group of property managers operating in the area falling within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Sirmione and supported in their action by the National Trade Association of Professional Short Term Rent Managers, AIGAB.

Especially in the appeal, the finger is pointed at the norm it becomes for the removal of architectural barriers is necessary in the ratio one housing unit out of fouragainst what it provides at least one parking space for each residential unit up to 55 square meters, two parking spaces if the surface of the property unit is greater than 55 square meters and finally against the obligation to present the viability certificate certifying the conformity of the systems installed in each housing unit in order to carry out the housing activity.

For area property managers, these are “prescriptions or completely undesirable, as they are required to provide certificates of viability that should already be in the possession of PA or the availability of parking spaces in fully improvised proportions with reference to existing buildings, and which, therefore, they resolved the issue of parking spaces already at the time of their construction (possibly to make money on, over time, any shortage of parking spaces) “even more so if we consider that what is requested by professional operators” are not asked for leases not to tourist use (which, however, does not participate in entrepreneurial competition with hotels!) “.

The extraordinary appeal to the President of the Republic requesting the annulment of the contested provision also lists a number of infringements of Sirmione’s new regulation of existing laws, first and foremost the municipality’s incompetence in regulating the requirements for holiday home structures. is under the jurisdiction of the region, in addition to the violation of peaceful competition principles in the Community Matrix “probably favors hotels to the detriment of a new business activity, which is, of course, in competition with traditional structured hotels in a kind of indirect competition”.

In April a delegation from AIGAB – Italian association of card rental managers (, chaired by National President Marco Celani, had met on behalf of of the property managers working professionally in the short-term rental market in Sirmione municipality, Mauro Carrozza, The deputy mayor and city councilor in charge of urban planning and private construction shares with him the PriceLabs data processed by AIGAB, according to which 1,300 holiday homes in the Sirmione area are online compared to the nearly 500 registered by the municipality.

As part of the meeting, held in the name of kindness, AIGAB had asked to limit the number of reserved or associated parking spaces requested to one and to streamline the bureaucratic process of opening the CAV, also to promote the legalization and emergence of blacks and proposed the Deputy Mayor to convene a new meeting with all the professional operators operating in the area with the aim of establishing a periodic discussion table, with which one can facilitate the sharing of data and trends and cooperation with the Administration to define rules is easy to follow in connection with tourism development goals in the area.

At this point and also to encourage and encourage institutional dialogue, which has stalled, AIGAB says the appeal was necessary.

The Italian association of managers of short leases

AIGAB (, the Italian association of card rental managers (, was established in October 2020 on the initiative of CEOs of the main Italian companies operating in the professional market for apartment tourism, the so-called short-term rentals, and which alone boasts a turnover of 60 million euros, 5 thousand homes. , 300 direct employees and 1500 in related industries.

These are Italianway with CEO Marco Celani (President of AIGAB), Wonderful Italy with Michele Ridolfo (Vice President of AIGAB), CleanBnB with Francesco Zorgno, Altido with Davide Ravalli and Sweetguest with Rocco Lomazzi, all AIGAB directors.

AIGAB was set up to provide institutional representation to the category of entrepreneurs working legally and professionally in so-called professionally managed short-term leases, a sector that has so far struggled to find political representation. The basic request made by AIGAB is that these entrepreneurs and their companies be treated on an equal footing with the other categories that make up the supply chain in the tourism hospitality sector.

The association, which also aims to map the sector and promote its professionalization, was created to promote a safe, widespread, professional, legal, flexible, scalable, sustainable, innovative holiday rental that is able to create positive externalities in the territories , as it affects and to follow the standards required by the international market, first and foremost in the customer experience.

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